Vintage Christmas Trees From '70s Are Making A Comeback And The Nostalgia Is Real

Vintage Christmas Trees From '70s Are Making A Comeback And The Nostalgia Is Real

The trend, which was on fire through the 1970s, saw vintage-style ceramic and porcelain Christmas trees be a common sight in living rooms and tabletops.

Though we still have four months to go before Christmas comes, it’s never too early to scout for home decorations that will make this festivity merrier. Besides, some of us like to put them up early, right?

Well, check out the vintage-style ceramic and porcelain trees of yore. Better Homes and Gardens have remarked that the iconic trees gained popularity in the 1970s and now, more than 40 years later, they're making a major comeback. 



Atlantic Molds copyrighted one of the first ceramic Christmas tree designs in 1958, the A-64, and went on to produce thousands of copies. Nonetheless, these crafts have been around earlier, perhaps since the 1940s.

In fact, some of the most expensive collectibles on offer were made in that decade. And now, after all these years, we have a major resurgence in the demand for vintage-style ceramic and porcelain Christmas trees. 



According to a survey by Google,  internet searches for the vintage-style ceramic and porcelain Christmas decorations have increased by 488 percent since 2009. One of the reasons that the trend sort of died through the 80s and 90s might be due to their pricing.

The ceramic Christmas tree that gets put away for 11 months and sits on your shelf or table only in December may be worth a lot of money they have been selling for a lot more than what consumers paid for them. In fact, on sites like eBay, some trees have sold for $500 or more, Today reported.



“Everyone who took a ceramics class and celebrated Christmas made one of these trees,” vintage lifestyle expert Bob Richter told TODAY. “People put them on top of the television, back when the TV was a piece of furniture.”

Taking a closer look at the ceramic and porcelain trees and decorations available on Amazon and even Target, we find the price range of most trees and their necessary decorations falling within the $100 mark. Ebay, however, does have several smaller trees that typically range from around $20-$40, but more ornate options will cost you more.  



But with the resurgence in popularity, there's no telling whether the average prices for these vintage trees go even more up. The increase in demand however also allows many older families to bring out the vintage trees in their attics or basements for resale. So if you have a ceramic tree collecting dust in your attic, and it doesn’t hold any sentimental value, it could be a nice opportunity to make a little extra holiday cash later this year.

“I buy holiday items off-season in July when you’re sweating at a flea market because you can get those trees for $10 and $20,” Richter said. “But at this time of the year, everybody wants one. So even at flea markets, the prices are much higher.” 





Richter was of the opinion that these vintage-style ceramic trees have become more popular mainly due to the younger generation feeling nostalgic for the ones they got to have as kids. Most people who are in their 30s or 40s today grew up in homes where this trend was extremely popular, though their parents slowly abandoned it, it seems to have come back to light in recent years.

“At the holidays' everybody wants one because it reminds them of the past. And it’s a recent thing within the past couple of years,” Richter remarked “Everybody’s like, ‘Oh, my mom had this, my aunt had this, so I want one.’ … Basically, you’re buying nostalgia. You’re buying the memory.”


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