A 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Celebration Is Coming To San Antonio This March

A 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Celebration Is Coming To San Antonio This March

This spring, get ready to have a spooky time in this 'Nightmare Before Christmas'-themed event called 'Lost In Wonderland' that is happening in March.

We have a long wait for Halloween but that should not stop us from getting into spooky mode already. That's exactly what San Antonio's A Nightmare Before Christmas event promises so you don't have to wait for October to come around. You can just do it this spring and join hundreds of others who all also wish it was time to celebrate Halloween already. Get ready for "Lost In Wonderland" which is a convention for all the nerds and geeks to gather and indulge in art, buy collectibles and come dressed as their favorite character.




Lost in Wonderland as described on the official Facebook page states, "From wizards to unicorns, buccaneer to knights, and to every shade in between, there exists that bit of movie magic that lets us embrace our Burton World that exists in all of us." If this sounds like your cup of tea, then make sure you are at the event. It goes on to say that it is the event that brings together artists, craftspeople, and cosplayers under one roof. You can get handmade jewelry and collectible toys that you can gift to someone or keep for yourself in your house. 




The event borrows its name from "Alice in Wonderland" the live-action movie adaptation of the Lewis Caroll novel of the same name, which was directed by Tim Burton. It promises photo ops with a number of characters from the Tim Burton universe. It also promises a fun cultural experience with dancers, singers, and other artists. The page makes also urges people to join the event and says, "We are men and women, young and old, we are doing what we love, come see our work, we're nerds, dorks and geeks, come enjoy our show every year at Lost in Wonderland."




This year, the event is happening on March 7 and 8 at 4522 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio from 10 AM to 6 PM. The entry is free and you will be in for a treat that weekend with over 80 vendors all selling something that is related to Nightmare Before Christmas. Now, who wouldn't want that? This event has even been named San Antonio's Best Pop Culture Event according to Narcity. You can start watching Tim Burton movies now in anticipation of the event and decide who you want to come dressed as. Gather your friends and family and get "Lost in Wonderland" for two days. 



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