RIP: Horror Icon John Saxon, 'Nightmare On Elm Street' Star, Has Died At 83

RIP: Horror Icon John Saxon, 'Nightmare On Elm Street' Star, Has Died At 83

He was also seen in Black Christmas and other classic horror movies.

American actor John Saxon, who starred opposite Bruce Lee in the classic film Enter The Dragon has died at the age of 83, reported CNN. Apart from Enter the Dragon, the actor also appeared in various Nightmare on Elm Street movies throughout his illustrious film career. Saxon died on Saturday in his home Murfreesboro, Tennessee, due to complications from pneumonia, revealed his wife Gloria Martel Saxon. 



She said, "I was so sure he'd hold out until his birthday -- until the 5th. He was a fighter, he was a sensitive, supportive and a generous person to not only his friends but to a lot of people that needed support and help." Saxon’s former wife Elizabeth, who he was married to from 1987 to 1992 posted a tribute to him, writing, "We were lifelong friends, he was much more than a celebrity."



She continued, "He marched in Selma with Martin Luther King [Jr.] and remained an advocate for all those oppressed on this Earth. As a gifted actor, writer and director, he shied away from most of the glittering attention and yet understood the privilege it gave him. While the world will gaze on his talents, I want the world to know much more about how great his love was for humanity and how he cared about all the people in and out of his life. My grief will mark the end of a great friendship but the memories of how much his presence influenced my life and others’ will last an eternity.”



Born in Carmine Orrico, Saxon grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and began modeling as a teenager. According to IMDb, the actor starred in nearly 200 movies and TV shows since he made his debut in 1954. In 1958, Saxon won the Golden Globe Award for the new star of the year in 1958 for his role in This Happy Feeling. Known to be a self-educated man, Saxon spoke three languages and followed everything that was happening in America. 



Gloria recalled, "A young Carmine watched a war movie where an American soldier met a small Japanese soldier. When the Japanese soldier reached out to shake the larger American's hand, (he) ... easily flipped the American over his shoulder. Well, an amazed Carmine wanted to learn how to do that. He started studying martial arts when he came to Hollywood." 



Apart from Enter The Dragon and A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saxon starred in many other influential horror movies like Tenebrae, Black Christmas, From Dusk till Dawn, The Unforgiven, Death of a Gunfighter, and Joe Kidd to name a few. With a career spanning more than six decades, Saxon’s roles were varied and shot all over the world. He started gaining the attention of the public eye after he appeared in the 1956 film Rock, Pretty Baby where he starred opposite stalwarts like Debbie Reynolds and Sandra Dee.



Saxon transitioned into a character actor, working across Europe in the ’60s in movies like The Girl Who Knew Too Much. In 1966, he starred in The Appaloosa, where he appeared beside Marlon Brando. After the early success of Enter The Dragon and Black Christmas, Saxon's career took off and he made guest appearances on ’70s popular shows like The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, Starsky and Hutch, and The Rockford Files.



After the news of his demise, Bruce Lee's daughter also paid tribute to the late actor. She wrote, "Sad day. Our condolences to the Saxon family. Thank you for your talent, John. Rest In Peace." Saxon is survived by his wife, Gloria, his son Antonio, his stepson, grandson, and great-grandson.

Rest in peace John Saxon, you will be missed. 

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