Alexander Skarsgård To Play Randall Flagg In Stephen King's 'The Stand' TV Show

Alexander Skarsgård To Play Randall Flagg In Stephen King's 'The Stand' TV Show

The cast of the show already includes major celebrities like Marilyn Manson, Odessa Young, and Amber Heard.

CBS' The Stand adaptation has finally found its Randall Flagg and literally no one is complaining about this casting choice, except Manson stans.  After years of rejection and rework, the Stephen King novel mini-series is finally taking shape after being in development, for what seems like a decade.



Thankfully, the project is now moving forward, and we have our cast. According to Collider, Alexander Skarsgard has been chosen to play the role of Randall Flagg in the 10-hour limited series.

The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor will be spotted sporting the evil character and we can't wait for the show to finally arrive!



In addition to Skarsgard, James Marsden from Dead To Me is playing Stu Redman, 'a Texan who is the first man discovered to be immune to the Captain Trips virus that has ravaged the planet.'

Odessa Young from Looking for Grace is going to play Frannie Goldsmith, Henry Zaga as Nick Andros, and Amber Heard as Nadine Cross.



Marilyn Manson, one of the most controversial artists around, has also joined the star cast of the show and we can already feel how wild the series is going to be!

"Shooter [Jennings] and I also did a cover of 'The End' by the Doors, for a new miniseries of The Stand by Stephen King, which I'm also going to be acting in," the Antichrist Superstar told Revolver, confirming the rumors. However, we still don't know what role the 50-year-old will be playing. Our best guess was Randall but well...



Marilyn Manson is no stranger to acting. In case you don't already know he has played iconic roles in Sons of Anarchy, Salem, Street Level, Once Upon a Time, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, and Jaw Breaker.

Plus, if you are a Manson fan or if you have ever accidentally clicked on one of his music videos, you already know what a creative genius he is. The fact that a major horror icon is joining King's TV adaptation has fans super excited! Just tell us what role he is playing already.



Stephen King himself is beyond stoked. “I like [showrunner] Josh Boone’s work, I actually worked with him on his first feature,” King revealed on the Post Mortem Podcast.

“And then he did The Fault in Our Stars, which I thought showed his grasp of the medium. And I like him a lot. I like his reach… his ambition for [The Stand]. Really the thing I’m most excited about is, first of all, we’ve got two more hours to tell the story. And second, we’re free of all those things that held us back with [the original mini-series]. Not only is the budget bigger… we’re free… in terms of language, in terms of violence… in a way that we weren’t with the original.”



Boone also added in a statement, "I wrote King a cameo as himself in my first film and have been working to bring The Stand to the screen for five years. I’ve found incredible partners in CBS All Access and Ben Cavell. Together with Stephen King, Owen King, my longtime producing partners Knate Lee and Jill Killington, we plan to bring you the ultimate version of King’s masterwork." Will you be watching? Stay tuned for a release date!

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