Someone Found A Real Alligator Lounging On Their Alligator Pool Float In Florida

Someone Found A Real Alligator Lounging On Their Alligator Pool Float In Florida

Twitter had a field day after this photo went viral. Yes, it happened in Florida.

If you know how bizarre Florida can get, then it won't come as a surprise that an alligator was just spotted chilling in the sunshine state. But here's the twist. The scaly reptile was actually found on an alligator pool float in an Airbnb, which is actually not a common sight at all. According to a report by The Miami New Times, a family on vacation was pretty shocked after they discovered a real-life alligator chilling in their Airbnb in Miami. 



Dave Jacobs and his family were visiting Florida to attend a wedding and the day before, they noticed the alligator in a lake outside their holiday home. Jacobs said, "We thought that was pretty cute. Then, the next day, it just showed up in the pool." He then proceeded to quickly take out his camera to capture this hilarious moment along with his teenage daughter who was present with him. 



Jacobs added, "My daughter, who's 14, was like, "Dad, this is soooo meta." The family then gave a call to a wildlife manager who managed to get the alligator out of the pool. Since Jacob is from Georgia, this sight pretty much amazed him, but the wildlife manager revealed that they have been busy rescuing the reptiles from a variety of unusual places as their mating season is inching closer. 



According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, alligators courtship begins in early April and mating season occurs in May or June. Jacobs added, "I guess it's not that unusual, but it was unusual to me." The Jacobs family is already home but they are leaving with a pretty interesting story to tell. He continued. "We have gators in Georgia, but they're just in areas that are not as populated, like some swamp where no one lives. But in Florida, they're just in your neighborhoods."



After this post went viral, people had a field day on Twitter. One person commented, "He was feeling alone and needed a friend. " A second one added, "I am putting a bird...one a bird." A third one simply said, "Aligatorception." 



Recent posts on Twitter have also suggested that the scaly reptile is popping up all over the sunshine state. According to a report by Daily Mail, a Palm Beach Gardens family was shocked to find a nine-foot alligator in their backyard pool. Their entire house is fenced, so understandably, the family was freaked out to see the massive gator. Not only this, but the reptiles are also making their way in roads and parking lots. 



Most pregnant alligators start giving eggs in late June or early July and hatching typically occur from mid-August through early September.  

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