'American Horror Story' Spin-off Series Is Officially In The Works, Says Ryan Murphy

'American Horror Story' Spin-off Series Is Officially In The Works, Says Ryan Murphy

Titled American Horror Stories, Murphy discussed the details with some AHS fan-favorites over a zoom call.

American Horror Story debuted in 2011 and since then, we have seen nine different seasons, all brilliant in their own accord. With the tenth season of AHS approaching, we have some more good news to brighten your day. According to a report by Variety, Ryan Murphy is expanding the American Horror Story universe as he announced a spin-off series with the cast. Murphy confirmed this news on Instagram saying a “one hour contained” spinoff of his FX anthology series American Horror Story is in the works.



Titled American Horror Stories, the details were discussed between Murphy and some primary AHS cast over a zoom call. The spin-off will consist of short, one-hour stories with one story per episode format. Since details are sparse at this moment, we don't know if the spin-off will air on FX along with the original series or if it's going to be released online.



Murphy captioned the post, writing, "American Horror Story cast Zoom call. Where we reminisced about the good times...the spin-off we're doing called American Horror Stories (one hour contained episodes)...when we will start filming the next season of the mothership...and other stuff I cannot print. It was so much fun and I'm glad we caught up. I miss everyone!" The participants of the zoom call included Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Denis O'Hare, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts, Darren Criss, Adina Porter, Billie Lourd, and Dylan McDermott. Needless to say, if all of them agree to become a part of the spin-off, then it would definitely be a treat for all horror fans. 


American Horror Story season 10 was supposed to air on FX this fall, but the production of the show was halted due to the ongoing pandemic, so the release date is most likely going to be pushed back an entire year. 



In a conversation with The Wrap, Murphy said, "A lot of what I was going to shoot was dependent on a very specific moment. It was a weather-dependent show. So now I don’t know. I don’t know what we’re going to do. I don’t know what I’m gonna do next with that show. I don’t know if I’ll accelerate another season or wait till next year to shoot this one.” Back in February, Murphy also announced that Macaulay Culkin was joining the cast of season 10. 



American Horror Story was renewed for three more seasons earlier this year, taking it through at least season 13. The most recent installment of the horror anthology series was AHS:1984 and took place at a campground that became a murder ground. It had a total of nine episodes and had an average of 2.85 million total live viewers.



The American Horror Story franchise debuted back in 2011 with AHS: Murder House and during the “1984” season, the show celebrated its milestone of 100th episode. Over the years, American Horror Story has been nominated for 95 Emmy Awards and has won 16 prestigious awards so far. 

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