An 'Elf' Themed Pop-Up Bar Is Coming To Milwaukee Just In Time For Christmas

An 'Elf' Themed Pop-Up Bar Is Coming To Milwaukee Just In Time For Christmas

Getting in tune with the holiday season, the Elf-themed bar named 'Elf Studio' will be making its debut on November 29 in Milwaukee.

Yes, you read that right. An Elf-themed pop-up bar will be making its debut in Milwaukee's Splash Studio on the east side on November 29. It looks like Buddy the Elf will here sooner than you think and from November 29 to December 29, the Splash Studio will be known as The Elf Studio.


The Elf Studio will include a lot of fun stuff like photo ops, Elf-themed cocktails, and snacks, special events, festive projects, not to forget the 'over-the-top' decorations that are definitely going to feature Buddy's signature style, as noted by the official Splash website.

The featured cocktail drinks will include 'He’s an Angry Elf,' 'World’s Best Coffee', and' Beer & Buddy specials'. Apart from that, the Elf themed snacks will also include 'Son of a Nutcracker Nuts', 'Santa’s Beef & Cheese Platter', and 'Buddy’s Breakfast Cake' by local baker The Cake Lady. As reported by Fox 6 Now



Added to this amazing spread, there are also 'Shots with Buddy' and it will be featured every Friday and Saturday night from 10.30 onwards. Entertainment shows like Elf and Christmas-themed projects for kids and adults will also be offered by Santa's workshop. 


Going by the press release, there will be multiple special events throughout the month and there will also be an event called 'Santa's Rampage' on December 7, and “Spread Christmas Cheer for All to Hear” Sing-Along Fundraiser with First Stage Children’s Theater on December 14. 


No reservations are available for this limited-time pop-up Elf bar as of now, but people who are interested can call beforehand so that they can be put on the waitlist as soon as possible.

All the children visiting the bar are welcome to come at any time with a parent or guardian except for Fridays and Saturdays after 5 pm. 

The studio will also have Elf-themed paintings and it has been promised to be decorated with over-the-top Buddy's signature style. Splash Studio is part of Bars & Recreation, a group that also owns Nine Below, Axe MKE and NorthSouth Club. 

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