Meet Apricot, An Adorable Rare Chimera Kitten With A Perfectly Two-Toned Face

Meet Apricot, An Adorable Rare Chimera Kitten With A Perfectly Two-Toned Face

According to Nashville Cat Rescue, they are open to taking applications to adopt little Apricot.

Yet another kitty is looking for a forever home, and this time it's an adorable fluff called Apricot. Much like the fruit, she's named after, she is pretty and sweet as can be. This kitten is actually a "very rare" chimera kitten and is currently staying in Tennesee with Nashville Cat Rescue. The group had spread the word that they would soon be ready to take applications from hopeful adoptive kitty parents "in about 6 weeks when she's fixed," PEOPLE reported. 



Looking at this cutie's defining feature, she's really not gonna have a hard time finding a happy owner. The fur on her tiny face is two-toned and is quite remarkable. It's almost as if she has the appearance of two different kittens merged into one. "A chimera cat is exactly as it looks — 2 cats that blended into 1," volunteer foster mama Kiki captioned a photo gallery of little Apricot on Monday. "They have 2 sets of DNA due to the embryos fusing together."



According to Kiki, these rare chimera cats actually "have eyes that don't match, called heterochromia." "Too tough to tell with this little one as her eyes won't settle into her adult color until she is 7 weeks of age," she continued. "A DNA test is really the only way to tell if she's a true chimera, but cute nonetheless. Science is crazy y'all."

"Have you met Apricot? This unique baby was found with her sister during a construction project," read another post on their Instagram feed. "The two were introduced to our mama duo, Olive and Pickle, who welcomed them into their family without hesitation.❤️"



The Nashville Cat Rescue group has welcomed anyone who may be interested in adopting Apricot to follow Kiki on Instagram "for official adoption announcements in 5-7 weeks," as she and her sister "need lots of growing, weaning and veterinary work first." Kiki is currently busy taking care of Apricot and her sister, Pretzel, along with her rescue mama cats: Pickle and Olive. The momma felines gave birth to their own litters and were more than delighted to welcome these two newcomers into their little blended family. It was a warm sight for all, which further gives us reason to believe that animals can be better than humans. 



Chatting with Bored Panda, Kayli, another foster at the rescue said that Apricot and Pretzel were first found inside a wall by a family working on their house. "After waiting for [the mother cat] for quite a few hours, she didn't return, and they knew time was of the essence to get the babies to a nursing mom," Kayli said. She added, "Apricot and Pretzel (we have a charcuterie theme) feel like they have always been here! They were accepted so fast by Pickle and Olive and fit right in with the other babies." She went on to say: "It was a little bit of an adjustment when Pickle & Olive came to me. They were still a little shy and often greeted me with a hiss or growling. It was clear, however, that the girls loved each other and felt safe together. I spent as much time as I could with them, while still respecting their need for space." 


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