Here Are 7 Subtle Signs That You Might Be A Natural Born Witch

Here Are 7 Subtle Signs That You Might Be A Natural Born Witch

Have you ever got a strange feeling that there is something special about you? Check these signs and see if you are a witch.

Every religion and tradition around the world has an overwhelming trove of stories that prove the existence of witches. Chances are, there are some in our midst who are witches and they don't even realize their true potential. Instead, they are oblivious to the fact that there's a supernatural power lurking within them, festering for ages, and waiting for a trigger to unleash itself. This begs the question: What is it that makes a person a witch? Here are seven things that can determine whether or not you are one.


1.  You love animals and they love you back




A brief study of history books will tell you about the unique connection between witches and animals like cats, dogs, ravens, owls, spiders, and snakes go way, way back. So, here's something we want you to answer - Do you love animals and do they respond to you in kind? Do dogs wag their tails when you're around? Do felines do laps around you and refuse to leave your side? Have you seen birds, crows, and ravens, in particular, fly around your abode often? If your answer to these is in the affirmative, then you might be a witch.

2.  You take a lot of nature trips


Witches are usually known to live amidst nature in wooden cottages near a water body. In case you don't, chances are you are always dreaming about the next trip to the woods or the mountains to disconnect from civilization. This is basically your inner witch beckoning you to follow your roots to a place where you can unleash your real self.

3. The moon has a calming effect on you




Do you enjoy staring into the moon for hours on end? Does looking at the moon put you in a relaxed and calm state of mind? Again, this could be a sign as witches are known to analyze the position of the moon to cast their spells. If you find yourself looking back at our nearest space body when in need of some peace and quiet, you could be a witch.

4. Inclement weather make you happy

It takes real heart in times of a storm or a tornado to have your wits about you. Even those that are brave harbor a fear of worse things to come in times of inclement weather. But, witches? Come hell or high water, they are completely unfazed. That's not all. They'll revel in such poor conditions. They often get a tingling sensation and their blood begins to race as they ruminate on all the mischievous scenarios they could be part of.

5. Most of your wishes seem to come true

People, in general, wish for millions of things on a regular basis but only a very minuscule fraction of them tend to come true. It's highly possible that the wishes of a true witch translate into their reality. Have you had your wishes come true recently? If so how many? If your answer is most of them, then you know what you are.

6.  You have birthmarks




Do you have unexplainable birthmarks? Birthmarks are often referred to as the wounds and battle scars from a previous life. Whenever hunters would spot a witch, they would hunt her down, torture her, and burn her at the stake. In short, witches were killed because they were simply too powerful for local factions to pillage their constituencies unhindered. So they would be killed at all cost.  If you have an unusual birthmark, it might be a sign that you were a witch in your past life.

7.  You have an attraction to silver jewelry




In the world of witches and witchcraft, silver has great value compared to gold and other precious metals. This is because silver is known to attract power from the moon while other forms of jewelry don't. So, if you have an unusual amount of propensity for all things silver, the innate sense of witch in you is pushing you towards buying and hoarding them for a rainy day. 

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