Artist Carves Incredible Jack-O’-Lanterns With Horror Movies-Inspired Designs

Artist Carves Incredible Jack-O’-Lanterns With Horror Movies-Inspired Designs

Award-winning artist Alex Wer calls each of his jack-o-lantern as a one-of-kind creation which is hand-carved on a 'faux' pumpkin.

Halloween is exactly one week away and most of us have already started putting out jack-o-lanterns and decorating our homes with all things spooky. While there are various pumpkin carving artists who display their work during Halloween, one particular artist has caught our attention and rightly so. 



Alex Wer is a pumpkin carving artist, or as he calls himself a pumpkin geek. He started this art about 10 years ago, during Halloween of 2009, when his wife had requested him to carve her company’s logo on a jack-o’-lantern, as reported by My Modern Met. 



He started working more on such jack-o-lanterns creating his own “orange empire”. As many people started appreciating his work, Wer decided to quit his job and focus on pumpkin carving full time. He has now been doing this since 2017. 



Wer is now a successful pumpkin carver and has carved a few for Netflix, ESPN, Legendary Entertainment, and has also been featured in People Magazine.

He takes a lot of time to carve a pumpkin as it comes with incredible detailing. He explains: “1 area is completely cutout, 2 different levels of depth, and finally, a layer untouched for the darkest portion of the image. I found this style gave me great versatility and the most realistic final product and seemed to impress my clients!”


He added that he spends around 6 hours to complete one pumpkin art, sometimes more depending on the complexity of the design. Wer added, “I have now moved up to 5 layers of carving…always trying to get that ‘perfect carve!’”



"AWARD-WINNING artist, Alex Wer, custom carves on Craft Pumpkins that last FOREVER!  Capture your favorite Movie Hero/Villain, Sports Legend, Musician, Actor/Actress, or Child's portrait on a unique, artistic pumpkin canvas!  Each pumpkin is a one-of-kind creation, hand-carved on a "faux" pumpkin.  Yours to treasure year after year" reads his description on the website.   

You can check out his work on Instagram here






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