Artist Gives A Tim Burton Makeover To Disney Movies And It's Hauntingly Beautiful

Artist Gives A Tim Burton Makeover To Disney Movies And It's Hauntingly Beautiful

Andrew Tarusov reimagines how Disney characters would look like if they were in a Tim Burton movie.

As we all know, Disney has a reputation for being darker than it looks. If you plan on showing your child any Disney movie, then be prepared to explain topics like death ( Bambi’s mom or Simba’s dad or Elsa and Anna’s parent). Parents having to explain mortality to children is sad enough, but if anyone can get behind this concept, it is none other than Tim Burton. 


Previously, we have seen Disney characters being reimagined in multiple ways, but Russian artist and animator Andrew Tarusov's concept is slightly ominous. Tarusov has imagined how the characters would look like if Tim Burton created them, and the results are hauntingly beautiful. He has given each character from the Mouse House a Tim Burton-esque twist and has managed to turn lovable fairytale characters into haunting, corpse-like versions of their former self. 



Instead of soft and fluffy animals, Snow White is depicted as a witch with spiders as her friends, the Little Mermaid can be seen staring vacantly from a dark lagoon; and Sleeping Beauty faces a not-so “happily ever after” in the end. Usually, all the Disney movies and characters are bright and cheery, but in Tarusov's work, they are depicted in dark, muted color palettes and the usual enchanting setting mostly gives off a dark and ominous vibe. 


In an interview with Hello Giggles, the artist said, "I love how Burton’s style looks vintage, chic, and cute all at the same time…His work is often marketed as ‘horror’ movies, but at the same time, it’s not a horror… It could be any genre. My main goal is to make viewers smile, laugh, and have a fun time when they come across my work. It’s meant to be whimsical and playful, so have a look and enjoy!”



If you are a fan of Burton then you must know that his early original creations like Frankenweenie and Edward Scissorhands are really bizarre and this artwork looks like a befitting tribute to which the director himself might approve. 




















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