Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Monsters From Your Worst Nightmares (25 Pics)

Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Monsters From Your Worst Nightmares (25 Pics)

Julia Wunderlich is a professional makeup & SFX artist who is behind this nightmare-inducing art that will make you win any Halloween competition.

Cover image credits: Instagram/ Julia Wunderlich

There are some people who are born with such extraordinary talent, it really looks god-gifted. A professional make up artist has equally stunned and horrified her followers with the monstrous faces she creates to scare the living daylights out of us. While Halloween is still two months away, people have already started to seek inspiration to get their best looks. 


Julia Wunderlich, who goes by the name of Metamorphosia FX, is a professional make-up & SFX artist from Berlin, Germany. She is behind these nightmare-inducing makeup that will make you win any Halloween competition. Even though her art may make one's hair stand on end, it is impossible not to recognize the artist's talent because work like these requires incredible skill, time, and effort to produce.


She has been a makeup artist for eight years, but it's been the last two in which she's been exploring special-effects based make-up. Lucky for us, she has been sharing all her amazing work on Instagram. In an exclusive interview with Bored Panda, the artist said, "Since I was a child, I loved drawing, painting, make-up and wanted to become a make-up artist. When I got the knowledge to fabricate those make-up prosthetics, I am glad that I can transform myself into anything I want. This is my hobby and my job and some kind of addiction, I love being creative." 


She continued, "I create many extraordinary make-ups: creative and creepy, funny and serious, from face paints, to make-up transformations, such as Angelina Jolie, Mads Mikkelsen or Charlize Theron, from realistic prosthetic make-ups to creepy Halloween make-ups." Wunderlich said that she has always wanted to transform herself into the grand high witch from the 1990s movie The Witches. 


Anjelica Houston played the role of the evil grand high witch. So she did. According to the artist, she spent hours to model the face out of the witch from clay. She said, "Then I poured some silicone into to get the face mask prosthetic of the witch. The most beautiful part for me is the painting process after when your character becomes alive. I am a very modest person, but in this case, I really loved how it turned out and I am happy so many people enjoy my make-up art."


The talented artist said that if she can't create a new makeup look, she feels unsatisfied. Some of her make up takes as long as 10 hours, but there are some which get over in 2-3 hours too. She concluded saying, "I have done more than 300 make-up looks which you can find on my Instagram profile. I can't wait to create more make-ups for Halloween!" Check out some of her best works below. 























































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