This Incredible Artist Turns Barbie And Ken Dolls Into Our Favorite Horror Icons

This Incredible Artist Turns Barbie And Ken Dolls Into Our Favorite Horror Icons

Will Turner has taken inspiration from horror movies and turned the iconic dolls into something...well demonic.

Cover Image Credits: Will Turner/ Instagram

Horror movies are something that intrigues and interests everyone. Even if you don't like watching horror movies, there is no way that you don't know about classic horror characters such as Freddie Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Candyman among many others. Anyway, before I get strayed away from the topic in hand, let me introduce you to an artist who has taken inspiration from horror movies and turned our Barbie and Ken dolls into something...well demonic. 


Meet Will Turner (no, not the one from Pirates of the Caribbean). He has carved out a unique niche for himself by creating Custom Horror Dolls by Will Turner where Barbie and Ken doll are turned into characters from our favorite horror movies. During the last decade, we have witnessed a huge spike in the popularity of horror merchandise. While Freddie and Jason seem like an obvious choice for any big toy company, many horror fans have expressed their disappointment that characters like Laurie Strode and Nancy Thompson hardly receive the official action figure treatment.




In a conversation with Dread Central, the artist said, "I started making custom dolls a little over a year ago. I had always wanted a Nancy Thompson doll to go with all the Freddy Krueger action figures I had. I found a Barbie doll that I thought would make a good Nancy, and I bought a small sewing kit. I taught myself to sew and I made her iconic pajamas. [So] I finally had a Nancy to go with my Freddy. After posting a pic online, people started messaging me and wanting to buy the doll, so I sold her and made more. Then I decided to make a Laurie Strode doll and pretty soon, I was making a different doll each week and it took off from there.”


Unlike the popular horror toy collections, Turner's collection consists of the much overlooked Femme Fatales from iconic horror/slasher movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Scream, Psycho, Black Christmas and many more. The artist added, "I would say the set of dolls I’m most proud of is the Death Becomes Her set. They were complicated to do and I wasn’t sure that I could pull it off, but I think they turned out pretty good.” 






But Turner's creations are not only limited to the ladies in horror. He has also created dolls inspired by Bruce Campbell's The Evil Dead and Candyman‘s Tony Todd. Turner added, "The best reaction was when I gave Amanda Wyss a Tina doll from A Nightmare on Elm Street. She loved it and took it to Robert Englund’s table at the convention. He said it was amazing. I almost fainted. I’m getting ready to start work on some characters from Halloween III, Pet Sematary, Terror Train, Dawn of the Dead, and The Walking Dead. And I’m working on making a Rocky Horror set to be introduced during the sale.”


Turner's creations can also work as a perfect gift during holidays for people who have a penchant for horror or if you are a horror fan yourself, these dolls will make a great addition to your spooky collection. Check out some of his work below: 














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