Bernie Sanders Unveils Ambitious $16 Trillion Green New Deal To Fight Environmental Crisis

Bernie Sanders Unveils Ambitious $16 Trillion Green New Deal To Fight Environmental Crisis

The Vermont senator's plan is the priciest climate change proposal among all Presidential candidates.

With the world is crying out for radical ideas to fight climate change, Bernie Sanders has released the most ambitious plan, totaling $16.3 trillion, to combat climate change. The Vermont senator plans to build a green economy that can help avert the environmental crisis while creating 20 million jobs, according to a report by The Huffington Post. The Democratic Presidential candidate's Green New Deal comes at a time when Brazil's Amazon rainforests are on fire and have caught the attention of world leaders world over. Environmental disasters and rising temperatures over the past few years have made it near impossible to ignore climate change, or worse, dismiss it as a hoax.



In the ambitious plan, Sanders' campaign has stressed the danger of continuing to depend on fossil fuel and the importance of standing up to them. "We need a president who has the courage, the vision, and the record to face down the greed of fossil fuel executives and the billionaire class who stand in the way of climate action," the memo reads. “We need a president who welcomes their hatred. Bernie will lead our country to enact the Green New Deal and bring the world together to defeat the existential threat of climate change."



This July was the hottest month ever recorded, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with nine of the 10 warmest Julys having occurred since 2005.



Sanders' ambitious plan promises to make the US economy carbon-free by 2050. One of the main features of Sanders' plan is to make transportation and the power sector, the most carbon-intensive industries, run on 100 percent renewable energy by investing heavily in solar, wind, and geothermal power. Sanders also calls out "false solutions" pitched by capitalists to maintain the status quo. "To get to our goal of 100 percent sustainable energy, we will not rely on any false solutions like nuclear, geoengineering, carbon capture and sequestration, or trash incinerators," writes Sanders in his manifesto.

A giant piece of Ice breaks off the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina


Bernie Sanders' $16.3 trillion plan is the costliest among all Presidential candidates. Knowing that Republicans will use the cost as a tool to target him, Sanders' plan states that global warming could cost the US economy $70.4 trillion over 80 years. "This plan will pay for itself over 15 years. Experts have scored the plan and its economic effects." Sanders' rival Joe Biden’s has allotted a total of $1.7 trillion.

Sanders has promised to focus on 100% renewable electricity and zero-emissions vehicles in order to bring US emissions 71% below 2017 levels by 2030. His plan has set aside $3 trillion in grants to enable lower-income families and small businesses to swap combustion-engine vehicles for all-electric alternatives.

Polar bear on a wide surface of ice in the russian arctic close to Franz Josef Land.


The Vermont senator has also detailed how he intends to fund his ambitious plan. Sanders, who has been critical of US engaging in wars, said he plans to raise $1.215 trillion from "scaling back military spending on protecting global oil". The other sources of funding are  $1.31 trillion from federal and state welfare, $6.4 trillion from selling electricity, $3.085 trillion from "making the fossil fuel industry pay for their pollution, $2.3 trillion from income taxes on the 20 million new jobs the plan creates and $2 trillion from forcing “the wealthy and large corporations pay their fair share."

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