Bloody Eyeliner Is The Creepiest Makeup Trend You Could Try This Halloween

Bloody Eyeliner Is The Creepiest Makeup Trend You Could Try This Halloween

The creepy yet amazingly cool beauty-trend of making your eyes look like they were just slashed and bleeding is definitely one to try out for all your upcoming costume parties.

As the summer slowly slips away, we are getting ourselves excited for this Halloween already! Picking your favorite costume and make-up is always a grueling task. You want to make sure that the particular dress and style you have in your head come out in the scariest way possible! Why not add this recent makeup-trend to your list of ideas: The Bloody Eyeliner! 


Now, this is one look that's actually super creepy to think about but looks pretty darn stunning all the same. Yup, just another day in the life of gore-fans and horror-culture geeks! 


This cool yet creepy style of applying eyeliner gives you a terrifying slasher-look. Your eyelids literally look like they're bleeding! and the color sticks, so it's almost like you're perpetually bleeding, now that's what horror and supernatural lovers wanna see in a costume. 


Professional make-up artists have taken this trend to the next level with some of the most freakishly cool designs ever seen. Self-taught artists are also experimenting with this trend to great effect. 


To create a good style of the Bloody Eyeliner makeup-trend, you can use a variety of eyeliners available to get the exact 'blood-color' you wish to see your eyes bleeding. Some artists preferred a really dark reddish color while others kept it light. Either way, it's evident that the styles have it made it seem that one's eyes are actually bleeding. 



So, think about this one without fail! This look could definitely boost your existing ideas for Halloween. Or you don't even need to wait that long, you can just show up to your next house or club party with this creepy and cool style. Don't feel too bad about what people may think, though don't be surprised as well if people are in awe of it!



We don't know about you, but the 31st of October can't get here any faster. There are so many reasons to be super excited for our beloved annual night of horrors. The Bloody Eyeliner style may just be the start of several more Halloween themed beauty-trends that are sure to rock your Halloween this year. Be sure to check out more variations of the style so you can comfortably prepare or acquire your own in the way you want it. 


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