This Zoo Is Treating Animals With Their Own Spooky Halloween Snacks In Heartwarming Gesture

This Zoo Is Treating Animals With Their Own Spooky Halloween Snacks In Heartwarming Gesture

The zoo welcomes families with "beastly challenges", dares, craft activities and more to celebrate the spirit of Halloween.

Halloween is a festival for everyone and a London Zoo seems to think just as much. Animals at the ZSL London Zoo will get to celebrate the spooky festival with a festive snack of their own.

Titled 'Boo at the Zoo', the London Zoo has invited families to celebrate Halloween with the residents of the zoo, according to Zoo's website. The celebrations, an annual event, will last for a week from 19 October to 27 October this year. 



Tiger getting into the spirit of Halloween/ZSL London Zoo


In a video released by the zoo, animals can be seen enjoying their carved out pumpkins. Tigers are seen eating out tasty snacks from inside the pumpkin, while a hippopotamus is spotted eating the pumpkin. Small pumpkins were hung on trees for lemurs who were very curious about the new installations. They went about prodding them and admiring the carvings before eating them. The zoo also released a rather scary teaser of the festival celebration at the zoo.

Hippopotamus curious about the Jack-o'-lantern/ ZSL London Zoo


You can now celebrate the gruesome side of nature and watch some 'little monsters' gorge on Halloween treats and play with Jack-o'-lanterns. The carved out pumpkins also had special snacks designed for each animal. You can watch the animals and bords traditionally associated with Halloween, including bats, spiders, snakes, beetles, and owls. "Celebrate the more gruesome side of nature, it’s the perfect thing to do for Halloween in London with your little monsters," reads the ZSL London Zoo. "All around the Zoo our animals – from mischievous monkeys to slithering snakes – will be getting into the Halloween spirit with pumpkins filled with tasty treats to forage," states the zoo. The London Zoo also boasts of a spectacular Reptile House that's home to lizards, snakes, and real dragons.



The zoo also has arranged more than 10 Halloween-themed events including spooky tours, 'beastly challenges', dangerous 'dares' among other things for family and friends, as part of the festive celebrations. "Creep onto one of our ‘Grim Keeper’ tours, included as part of your ticket, and explore what happens when nature gets gruesome. You can even expect a few beastly challenges along the way – if you’re feeling brave!" reads the website. The zoo also has arranged Halloween-themed craft activities for children. They can carve out Jack-o'-lanterns from pumpkins at the pumpkin patch or make masks in the Batcave. Kids can also enroll at the Zoo's Ghoul School and dress up as their favorites Halloween character, cast spells and even wrap mummies! They can graduate from Ghoul School with a Pumpkin Patch dance. 

Lemur playing with a carved out pumpkin/ZSL London Zoo


Some of the other popular events at the zoo include Brave a Grim Keeper tour, Animal talks and demonstrations, Creepy craft making, Feast on The Terrace’s treat table, Spotting a gila monster, Slurping up a pumpkin latte and 'dare to go ‘in with the spiders’. You can take a pumpkin selfie at the London Zoo pumpkin patch to take home as memories.





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