British couple cheer up their neighbors by dressing in period costumes for their daily walks

British couple cheer up their neighbors by dressing in period costumes for their daily walks

Buckinghamshire couple Izabela and Lucas Pitcher bring cheer to their neighbors with fancy costumes and fun social media games.

Izabela Pitcher, 45, runs a costuming business that has seen a sharp downturn in business thanks to the coronavirus quarantine. Her business typically caters to theater groups, re-enactors, and museums, all of whom have discontinued events in the face of the pandemic lockdown. The costumes still need airing out, so Izabela and her husband Lucas put on the costumes and stroll the neighborhood for their daily exercise. 

The couple announced thier plans on their company's Facebook page. 

"We get the exercise, the kit gets aired and mended, we get to dress up and the folks in the village can all laugh at us. We will be posting pictures from our costumed walk to fb and here- but also in the village group for kids to have a guess what era it is."

Izabela, who has written a book called The Victorian Dressmaker, posted: "I hope you are enjoying these - we are surely enjoying the walks, and the feedback from the village has been great. People are now sitting at the windows and in their gardens waiting for us and enjoying the guessing."




Word quickly caught on and their neighbors, who began "waving and waiting for us".

Pretty soon they became the stars of their Buckinghamshire neighborhood. They would post fun quizzes on social media, asking their neighbors to guess what era their costumes were from. 

"I really didn't expect that," she said.

"We've met more villagers - at a safe social distance obviously - in the last week than we have in the last year of living here."

Mrs Pitcher said: "It definitely lifts your spirits and it's nice to see people are getting some pleasure out of it, and there's an educational value to it too."




Even the local police got in on the fun. One of the neighborhood police officers took to social media to praise Izabela and Lucas Pitcher's efforts. 

The officer said: "In one of my beautiful villages, a couple have been dressing up in historical period costumes when they go out for their daily walk. What a fab idea to brighten up the day! Residents are waiting for them at their windows and in their gardens, trying to guess the historical periods - from a safe distance of course."



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