Bruce Campbell Promises Female Lead For 'Evil Dead 4', Says Ash Won't Be Returning

Bruce Campbell Promises Female Lead For 'Evil Dead 4', Says Ash Won't Be Returning

What do you think of an 'Evil Dead' movie without Ash Williams?

If you are a 90s kid, then there is a pretty high chance that Evil Dead is most likely the first movie that scared the living daylights out of you. Don't get me wrong here. I loved watching all the Evil Dead movies and it had everything -- blood, guts, gore, monsters, and jump scares. 



It all started happening in 1981 when director Sam Raimi gifted the world a story about four friends staying in a cabin in the woods, being hunted down by evil forces. Sadly, no one but our protagonist, Ash Williams makes it out alive. This iconic movie made way for two more sequels, both starring Bruce Campbell as the hero, a remake, many video games, and three seasons of Ash vs Evil Dead. 



We had earlier reported that Bruce Campbell confirmed that a fourth Evil Dead movie was in the works, and this time it will feature a female protagonist, reports IGN



Undoubtedly, it is brilliant that the fourth Evil Dead movie is finally happening, but long time fans are a little upset that they won't get to see Campbell in the lead role. Speaking to Empire magazine, Campbell confirmed that the fourth movie is titled Evil Dead Now and this project will be directed by Lee Cronin. He said, "We’re just getting off the phone with Lee Cronin, who is writing and directing the next Evil Dead. It’s called Evil Dead Now. Sam handpicked Lee – he did a cool movie called The Hole In The Ground. We’re going to get that sucker out as soon as practical.”



In this interview, Campbell revealed that he won't be a part of the movie on-screen, but he will serve as a producer. He said, "From this point forward, they kind of have to stand on their own. Which is fine. And liberating.  You could have different heroes, different heroines in this case. This one’s gonna be a little more dynamic. We just want to keep the series current. And the mantra, really, is that our heroes and heroines are just regular people. That’s what we’re going to continue." 







After Bruce Campbell seemingly confirmed a female lead, people on Twitter had a lot to say. One person simply wrote that the new movie could've named 'SHEvil dead'. Another one added, "Evil Dead 4: Karen vs Hell's manager." A third one quipped, "That was precisely what Starz were planning to do in the last season of the TV show before it suddenly got cancelled. Campbell said he'd never reprise the role again as he was retiring. I assume they pissed him off, he gave them the finger and they're now doing this shit."







Both Raimi and Campbell started their careers together in the original Evil Dead trilogy. The first movie was written and directed by Raimi and after its release, it was a monumental success. What do you think of a female lead for Evil Dead Now? Let us know!

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