You Can Now Buy A Giant 'Crocs' Bed For Your Pets Who Love Shoes A Little Too Much

You Can Now Buy A Giant 'Crocs' Bed For Your Pets Who Love Shoes A Little Too Much

Treat your furry babies to this comfy AF shoe bed which looks like a Croc slipper covered in soft fleece.

You can buy your dogs and cats the most intriguing and fancy toys out there but they will still end up playing with (or worse, chewing) your shoes and slippers. If you are a pet parent yourself, you know what I am talking about. Dogs love to chew things and cats are just curious by default.

Plus, they know you hate it when they do that so they just steal and hide your footwear away for attention. Sounds too relatable? Do you have some four-legged shoe lovers in your house? If yes, treat them away and buy this giant shoe bed which looks like a Croc.



A seller on Amazon has brought together the best of both worlds and combined the looks of a dog's favorite thing to chew - Crocs, with the comfort of soft fleece bedding. Introducing the shoe pet bed, it is the bed your friends with wagging tails deserve.

Sold by Jersey Dog Company, these Sasquatch beds are available in four different colors of Midnight Black, Fawn Beige, Firehouse Red, and Hunter Green, allowing you to pick a color which compliments your baby's fur.



The bed is about 26 x 13 x 10 inches in size and extremely easy to clean! "How?" The fleece the shoe comes with is detachable so whenever the bed gets dirty, all you have to do is pull the fleece out and throw it in the washing machine. The bed comes with sufficient cushioning and a headrest so your puppies and kitties can relax. It is non-toxic and odor resistant as well and the sole of the shoe is equipped with an anti-skid pad.



Priced at $78, the bed keeps your pets cool in summer and warm during cold winters. The bed is perfect for cats and all small-medium sized dogs and everybody who has bought the product so far is in love and their pets are loving it even more! 'Bought this "Croc" like pet bed for my daughter who has 2 cats, and she also loves the actual shoes. She was so excited and happy to have a supersized version of her favorite footwear as a pet bed for her cats. Both cats already use and snuggle in the oversized sandal-like, shoe bed. Good shipping, well-made product. A+,' reviewed a buyer on Amazon.



'My very “selective about where he sleeps” 14 year old Shih Tzu LOVES this bed! He started using it immediately and it is his bed of choice. Also, as dog beds go, it is a clever and unique item,' added another. Think your pet will love it too? Give them the best Christmas present ever and bring home this shoe bed! Check it out here. There is also a cheaper option available on eBay which is shaped like a slipper and is about $27 but doesn't look as comfy. Pick what you think will best suit your furry friend!


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