Vintage Christmas Trees From '70s Are Making A Comeback And They're Worth A Lot More Now

Vintage Christmas Trees From '70s Are Making A Comeback And They're Worth A Lot More Now

This Christmas season, the vintage ceramic Christmas trees are making a comeback and it is bound to make you super nostalgic.

Ceramic Christmas trees have been used for so many years that they are now considered to be vintage. They were really popular back in the 60s and the 70s and they were considered to be the perfect Christmas decor.

Mainly because there was no mess and it could be easily fitted on a mantle or a tabletop. They came with already installed twinkly lights and some of them even spun around and played music. 



Bob Richter, who is a vintage lifestyle expert told TODAY Home, "Everyone who took a ceramics class and celebrated Christmas made one of these trees. People put them on top of the television, back when the TV was a piece of furniture.” These ceramic trees went out of style pretty much by the 80s, but some people held onto it and it looks like the retro decorations are making a comeback now. 



Maybe it's because of the nostalgia people feel during the holiday seasons, whatever the reason might be, they are ready to pay hundreds of dollars on sites like eBay for vintage ceramic Christmas trees.

One tree recently sold for $100, another for $149, and another for $218. Going by the trend, it seems like the closer you get to the holiday season, the higher the prices are going for the trees. 



So, if you are one of those lucky few who still have ceramic Christmas trees in your collection and it doesn't hold any sentimental value, you can list it for selling on eBay.

That way, you can make some easy bucks. Richter suggested that it's best to hold onto them until near the holiday season as it will fetch the highest price during that time. 



He said, "The truth of the matter is, they’re not incredibly valuable at other times of the year." Richter is also the author of 'A Very Vintage Christmas' who recommends people to sell their ceramic Christmas trees on eBay that will have a three-day listing and adding an incentive like "Get in time for Christmas" in the title increases the value. 



Around the holiday season, these vintage and in-demand trees could easily fetch a few hundred dollars, but their value also depends on their type and condition.

Richter said that last year, he remembers selling multiple vintage ceramic trees between the price range of $100-$200. If the tree is fitted with music, it instantly becomes more valuable and make sure to take the best pictures because they go a long way to increase the value. 



Richter said, "People don’t like buying something that’s being held by a hand that has dirty fingernails or if there’s a mess in the background." When asked about buying these vintage products, Richter said, "I buy holiday items off-season in July, when you’re sweating at a flea market, because you can get those trees for $10 and $20. But at this time of the year, everybody wants one. So even at flea markets, the prices are much higher.”

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