You Can Now Gift Chicken Nugget Bouquets For That Special Someone This Valentine's Day

You Can Now Gift Chicken Nugget Bouquets For That Special Someone This Valentine's Day

Roses look beautiful and smell good, but it doesn't fill our stomach, does it?

Romance and flowers go hand in hand, at least for some of us. But, whoever had the amazing idea to put a bunch of chicken nuggets on a stick, wrap it together with a bow, and gift it to their loved one on Valentine's Day is an absolute genius. Roses look good and smell beautiful, but it doesn't fill our stomach, does it?




The brilliant idea to use food instead of flowers isn't exactly a new thing. People have been making bouquets of homemade bacon to give as a gift for quite a while now, but there is just something about chicken nuggets that just beats everything else. 


Most of the pictures shared on Instagram are bouquets, but some of them have additions. Some of these bouquets have fries, some are mixed in with flowers, and others are a mix of nuggets and chocolates. If you want to make a chicken nugget bouquet of your own, then its pretty simple. 


To make it, you first need to understand which are the nuggets your partner likes. Once that is settled, get a few wooden sticks to build the bundle. Once your bouquet is done, wrap the outside with cellophane and complete it with a bow.




In case you are feeling a little fancy, you can add French fries. This is not just a great Valentine's Day present, you can use it for birthdays or anniversaries too!  


During this year, a lot of non-floral bouquets have become the trend on the internet. To mention a few, there are ice cream cone bouquets and it comes with 20 scoops of ice-cream, making it a HUGE bouquet.




There are also several companies that sell meat bouquets, including Say ItWith Beef as they make bouquets of beef jerky roses and daises for $53 each. Another company named the Manly Man Company has also come up with half-pound daisy and rose bouquets of jerky. 


Back in 2018, Villa Italian Kitchen gave away edible 'floral' arrangements made entirely out of pizza to a few lucky brides. The restaurant chain also promised that the very unique bouquets were 'perfect for any couple looking to add some fun and flavor to their big day'. Every single bouquet is entirely made out of bite-size slices and decorated with deconstructed ingredients, like tomatoes and pepperoni.



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