Chocolate-Stuffed Marshmallows Are A Thing Now, And S'mores Will NEVER Be The Same

Chocolate-Stuffed Marshmallows Are A Thing Now, And S'mores Will NEVER Be The Same

Stuffed-Puffs has brought to life what we all have been thinking of! You can now get marshmallows which are filled with chocolate inside and make s'mores like never before.

Funny how literally all of us thought of it but still for some reason, it took humanity decades and decades to come up with the simplest yet IMPORTANT innovation of all time — chocolate filled marshmallows! Yes, the thing you've been internally wishing for years is finally here all thanks to Stuffed Puffs! Now, you can buy these cute little confectionary items with the goodness of chocolate stuffed inside them and put an end to all your s'mores- related worries! And, well, I'd take chocolate filled marshmallows over the original ones any day! The more chocolate, the better.



"Coming soon - 4.28.19 | #StuffedPuffs #Marshmallow" Stuffed Puffs wrote on their Instagram along with a picture of the heavenly treat announcing the upcoming product, almost breaking the internet. "Oh dear god! I am not going to be able to live without drooling for the next week and a half! I cant wait to get them and make smores," commented a person on the post. "Y'all deserve a high five and medal for this creation," added another, and we couldn't agree more!



The company aims to change the way we have all been making s'mores all this while and even has an ongoing countdown on its website ticking away till they officially launch the product in stores in nine days and 's'mores will change forever.' Stuffed Puffs will be available in Walmart stores near you from this very April 28! Till then, however, you got to stop your drooling and TRY not to think about this.



And, considering how the internet is freaking about these, there is a HUGE possibility that these chocolatey babies will run out of stock the moment they are launched so you know, keep your eyes peeled and prepare for a possible food fight. While not much is known about the product as of yet, the company has teased a picture of how the 'elevated' s'mores will look when you use these chocolate stuffed marshmallows, and WE CAN'T WAIT FOR APRIL 28!


On a different note, other than these, there's one more thing chocolate lovers should be excited about. According to reports, the classic Kit Kat we love is getting a minty makeover. An all-new mint-dark chocolate Kit Kat is coming this CHRISTMAS! While certain parts of the world enjoy various flavors of the heavenly chocolate sticks throughout the year, many others, including the US, have not been so fortunate until now!


According to professional food blogger Markie Devo, the mint flavored dark chocolate Kit Kat will hit stores near you this December. "Although we have just passed minter, it does not mean we can’t plan for. This is the upcoming @kitkat Duos. A mint & dark chocolate mixture with those wafers we oh so love," he posted on his Instagram along with a picture of the upcoming chocolate that we can't wait for!


"How do we feel about this drop?" he asked his followers and while some expressed their excitement, others pointed out how the chocolate already exists in other parts of the world. "I am buying cartons full and freezing them," commented a person on Markie's post. "Waaaay behind Japan but hopefully this is a nice start for things to come," added another. The wrapper of the chocolate looks GOOD and we are counting days till winter. #MinterIsComing.


I don't know about other things, but 2019 is turning out to be a hella great year for foodies. Munch away, people!


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