'The Conjuring 3' Release Date Has Been Announced, And It's Based On A Creepy Real-Life Story!

'The Conjuring 3' Release Date Has Been Announced, And It's Based On A Creepy Real-Life Story!

The upcoming movie is going to be the scariest movie of the Conjuring Universe and will follow the release of 'The Curse of La Llorona' and 'Annabelle Comes Home.'

The Conjuring Universe is expanding people and James Wan is returning with another horror masterpiece! In addition to this year's Annabelle 3 titled Annabelle Comes Home, fans of the Warrens will not have to wait much longer to see their favorite demonologists on the screen once again.

The Conjuring 3, which has been in the talks for quite a while is officially happening and according to Joblo, the production of the scariest movie of the franchise will begin this June in Atlanta and the studio has already set a release date. Mark your calendars and prepare to get terrified!


The Conjuring movies have always managed to appeal to the fans of horror scattered across the globe and after a long wait of two years, to the joy of the fans, the much-awaited sequel to Conjuring 2 is finally taking shape and will be releasing next year in September, as reported by Bloody Disgusting.

"Is the movie happening with the original cast?" Well, of course. Who else can possibly play Ed and Lorraine Warren better than Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga?



When the first Conjuring movie came out in 2013, it scared people so bad, they claimed the movie was the creepiest they've ever seen. The twisted and dark story of the movie crept people to the core, causing many to lose their sleep for days and the Warrens are coming back to spook people once again.

The third installment in the Conjuring series and another addition to the Conjuring Universe will be based on Bill Ramsey's murder trial and will be the most terrifying movie we have seen by Wan so far.


The infamous case of Bill Ramsey is believed to be the focus of the sequel. Bill believed that he was possessed and was visited by Ed and Lorraine Warren who conducted an exorcism on him.

Spilling some beans about the movie, Wan revealed, "All the Conjuring films are based on the case files, so they’re more based on the true story aspect of the real-life Warrens. I think that’s important. It’s important that the mothership stays true to the inspiration of the real people. The spinoffs are where we get to have more fun and do weird and wonderful crazy things. The mothership of it being the Conjuring films, we want it to come back to the real stuff."



“It’s not necessarily based on an artifact but it’s based on one of the Warrens’ case files. It’s this guy who was on trial for committing a murder. I think it’s the first time in America’s history where the defendant used possessions as a reason, as an excuse," he added.

The plot of the movie seems oddly similar to The Exorcism of Emily Rose where a man faces trials for killing a young woman, who he claimed was possessed and was killed by demons. But hey, I am still going to watch!


In the last few years, the movie series has not only secured a loyal fan base but also made Ed and Lorraine Warren a household name. One of the major reasons behind the success of the movie franchise is the fact that the movies are based on the real accounts of the famous demonologists and paranormal investigators and Ed and Lorraine are the only ones approved by the Church.



What makes a scary story scarier? The fact that it is true and not mere fiction. Director James Wan is a genius who has very well identified what his audience wants.

The stories of the Conjuring Universe have blended horror with human interest so cleverly, it compels a person to go watch them. It attracts their curiosity. And, well, according to the man himself, the third one isn't going to be any different.


Last year while promoting his superhero film Aquaman, Wan said, "We’ve been working hard on Conjuring 3. Of course, that is something that I am not neglecting. The Conjuring films are still the mothership and the mothership needs to be strong. [Laughs] The mothership needs to be strong for all these other jet fighters to shoot out of."

"So, we’re in the midst of working on the script, and still hashing [it] out. We want to make sure that the script is in a really good place. With how much people have loved the first two Conjuring, I don’t want to rush into the third one if possible.”


James Wan is producing Conjuring 3 and Michael Chaves, who directed The Curse of La Llorona will be directing the movie which will hit the screens on September 11, 2020. Will you be watching?

The Warrens will also be spotted in the upcoming Annabelle movie but they won't have much to do in it and the movie will focus on the haunting of their daughter and her babysitter. The trailer of Annabelle Comes Home is out, check it out below!

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