This Petrifying Pennywise Bath Bomb Is Every Horror Fan's Dream Come True

This Petrifying Pennywise Bath Bomb Is Every Horror Fan's Dream Come True

Pennywise bath bombs have become very popular and the demand has shot up with Halloween lurking around the corner.

If you're a sucker for horror movies, do yourself a favor and get the Pennywise Bath Bomb. Nothing could be more exhilarating than inviting your worst nightmare into your bathtub and let's face it, Pennywise the clown has scared the daylights out of all of us. The shark bath bomb craze has sailed and new the 'it' thing is It. The Pennywise Clown Bath Bomb is complete with all the trademark features of the It character: Orange hair, jaundiced-piercing gaze, fang-like teeth, and the blood-curdling grin. 


One of the most iconic and haunting images of the movie It is Pennywise Clown with his face partially submerged in water. So with the Pennywise Bath Bomb, you can recreate your nightmare as it slowly melts and gives way to a cotton candy scent that will help alleviate your elevated heart rate and relax you. Watching the Pennywise clown slowly melting away in your bath is guaranteed the haunt your dreams as the colors unravel and bleed with the warm water. The Pennywise Bath Bomb is priced at $7 on Etsy

Etsy/ PyschoBombers

The aromatic scent will make it worthwhile though. Etsy says the bath bomb will have the aroma of Bite Me. The Bite Me flavor has many layers with the base notes including clove and vanilla bean; mid notes are eucalyptus, violet, and lily; and top notes are black cherry, orange, strawberry, pineapple, and lime. 



Pennywise Bath Bomb is made from witch hazel, shea butter, bio glitter, citric acid, polysorbate 80 (emulsifier), baking soda, fragrance, and colorant. Orange, yellow and red will be colors will dominate your bathtub. In other words, a bloodbath in your bathtub, but it is only fitting considering its Pennywise. You can be assured that the fizzy orange color or the red won't leave any stains on your bathtub or your skin as they are made from water-soluble colors.

Etsy has great reviews on the product. One user wrote: For a bath-bomb, it certainly makes the statement I want. I know my friends will love "IT". Another wrote: Super creepy Pennywise bath bomb. Very pleasant citrus fragrance. Love it! I got three, one for me and two for friends, and neither will take it because they’re too scared! More for me! Can’t wait to use it, writes another.

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With Halloween around the corner, the demand for any Pennywise products will skyrocket so you might want to stock up on the bath essential. You could also choose to gift them to your friends because there's nothing more fun than spooking them out. There are a lot more options in the bath bomb horror category. Possessed doll Annabelle, the killer doll Chucky, the slasher Micheal Myers, the bloodsucking Dracula, jack-o-lantern cauldron, witch’s hat, skull, voodoo doll, Frankenstein cauldron, and the fearsome nun Valak are just some of the many horror bath salts on offer.

Etsy/ PsychoBombers

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