These Creepy Tiny Feet And Hand Manicures Are Perfect To Freak People Out This Halloween

These Creepy Tiny Feet And Hand Manicures Are Perfect To Freak People Out This Halloween

While the nail art world is holding nothing back when it comes to flexing their artistic manicure muscles, we can't help but wonder who'd want to sport such wacky nails.

Just when you think you've seen the worst of the worst bizarre internet trends, something or the other pops on your screen to set the record straight. Popular Instagram account Nail Sunny, in particular, has quite the knack for sending our skin crawling or making us scratching our heads in confusion. The nail and beauty salon franchise with branches in both Moscow and Los Angeles often uploads photos and videos of such strange manicures that you can't help but wonder whether the nail technicians are perhaps high on nail polish fumes.

One such bizarre nail art trend Nail Sunny introduced to the world is quite "hands-on." The trend is a manicure featuring tiny doll-size hands and feet attached to the nails. Although at first sight, you might wonder about how many dolls would've been amputated for the sake of these quirky manicures, rest assured, no Barbies were harmed in the process. The minuscule hands and feet are actually created from scratch by the nail artists using the magic of nail art. A tutorial video of one such wacky manicure gives us an idea of the steps involved and while the end product might give you nightmares, you've got to appreciate the craftsmanship.


Another video posted to the popular nail art Instagram account shows someone modeling a hand with tiny feet on each finger. The hand model shows off the manicure with a quite eerie catwalk of sorts. The manicure feet look so realistic—with one of them even sporting an anklet—that seeing them walk towards you might make you want to run for the hills screaming. That does seem to be the general consensus about these nails as evidenced by the comments on the post. Ugly disgusting horribly creepy, wrote @Gladmanpat. @Sarasmodernlife kept things a bit more simple with a straightforward "No" while @Angel9776 commented: Oh gosh. It looks creepy. So nay!


Yet another version of this out-of-the-box manicure style featured 1 full hand on each finger. The miniature hands have been crafted in such a way that they appear to be growing out of the nail beds and reaching out for help. Complete with an ornate bracelet on one of the nails, a person in the video puts her new hands to good use and uses them to scratch her nose. This particular manicure can mess with your head quite a bit with how insanely similar to an actual hand each nail looks.


A deep dive into this crazy Instagram account brought another unusual manicure to our attention and we can't help but wonder if that one was the root of it all. A post from February last year brought us face to face with the manicure version of the insanely viral photo of Kylie Jenner's finger with her baby daughter's hand wrapped around it. Yep, Nail Sunny actually recreated the tiny baby hand wrapped Kylie Jenner finger on someone else's actual nail. While this manicure hits the creepy scale at 10, you've got to admit there's something strangely adorable about it.


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