'Criminal Minds' Set To Come To An End After 15 Seasons

'Criminal Minds' Set To Come To An End After 15 Seasons

'Criminal Minds' which is on its 15th season is among the longest-running scripted shows on television and fans are ready to say their goodbyes.

After nearly 15 years on air, the long-running CBS drama 'Criminal Minds' will come to an end with this final season. And the cast members of the show have been getting emotional and posting behind-the-scenes footage on their social media handles, remembering the times they have had over the years. As reported by EOnline.



Criminal Minds which is on its 15th season is among the longest-running scripted shows on television. And ever since fans got to know that their favorite show was nearing its end, they have been taking to social media platforms to express their sadness. It was first announced in January when Deadline reported that Criminal Minds would come to an end after a 10-episode Season 15. At the time, the show was filming the Season 14 finale.



Many stars from the show have also been posting photos along with an emotional note. One among them is series star Mantegna, who joined the show in season three. He posted a farewell letter on his Twitter account.


"As I wrap up my last day filming Criminal Minds, I can't help but reflect in awe at what a truly wonderful experience it has been. As you know I came to a show already in production. I was welcomed by the cast and crew instantly, making me feel part of the team on day one. The next 12 years would be a wild and wonderful ride. Yes, I will miss playing David Rossi, and I'll miss the wonderful writing that brought him to life, but mostly I will miss seeing my fellow cast mates and our fantastic crew everyday [sic]," he wrote.



"It may sound cliché to say we're like family, but it's so very true. In 15 seasons we've all grown a little bit older, hopefully a little wiser too. We laughed together, we cried together, and like a family we gained and lost members along the way. Some got married, some got divorced, some had children, some had more than one! Some of our family went on to other shows and jobs, and sadly, some we lost too soon to the heavens," he continued.



Meanwhile, his Criminal Minds costar Paget Brewster retweeted his note and added, "We all need to thank @JoeMantegna for becoming the captain of our Criminal Minds ship when we were lost at sea and scared. Joe, you are my mentor, my inspiration and my friend. Thank you."



The series stars Joe Mantegna as David Rossi, Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss, Matthew Gray Gubler as Dr. Spencer Reid, A.J. Cook as J.J., Aisha Tyler as Dr. Tara Lewis and Daniel Henney as Matthew Simmons. 

If you are wondering how Criminal Minds fares with the other long-running dramas in television history -- we have all the deets! “Gunsmoke” currently holds the record with 20 seasons, while both “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” have also clocked 20 seasons.



And then there is “NCIS” which is currently in its 16th season, while “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ended its run after 15 seasons. “ER” also came to an end after its 15th season while Grey's Anatomy has just been renewed for Season 16 and Season 17. 

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