Dancer's Zombie Halloween Makeup Gets Mistaken For Medical Emergency, Sparks Panic

Dancer's Zombie Halloween Makeup Gets Mistaken For Medical Emergency, Sparks Panic

Jai Fears seemed to have suffered from some kind of reaction and three hours later she suffered a panic attack, for which she was rushed to the hospital.

A professional dancer caused a scare at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak Monday night. Jai Fears is an experienced dancer and is used to extreme make-up and outfits for shows. But, as she was putting on her makeup for Glam Gore's Halloween marketing campaign that transformed her into a gory zombie, she seemed to have suffered a bad reaction. Around three hours later it triggered a panic attack and Fears was rushed to Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak, according to Fox 2 Detroit. Fears is no stranger to extreme costumes and makeup.  However, her look put the hospital on high alert. 


For someone who's used to extreme makeup, this was a scary experience for her. "It literally just shot up to my brain and it just caused like a really bad reaction," said Fears. "We were getting ready to do a photoshoot to do some marketing for Glam Gore for people who want to get their make up done for the Halloween season."  Three hours with the makeup on, she had a panic attack so she was rushed to the hospital, but she had her zombie makeup on. 


"(They said) Let's get her back to trauma now and she's probably going into shock, she's not making any sense," said Fears. Apparently, the hospital, which is a level 1 trauma center, had no idea that Fears had makeup on. "They have to know! So no, I did not say anything because I just assumed they could see that it was fake," she said. But apparently, they just did not know.  After being treated she was stabilized and released from the hospital.


Beaumont can't comment on individual patients - but did issue a statement. It said: The emergency room is not a place for fun and games. They see many patients with severe medical issues where lives are at stake. Doctors need to be able to focus on those patients with true emergencies. People had mixed reactions to the story. Nichole Bruster wrote:  She was wrong for taking resources and not speaking when she got there. The nurses there have to deal with actual people who HAVE come in with injuries that can be that bad. I hope her insurance charges her for every resource she tied up.... all for 15 mins of fame. Smh.


Willie A. Adams added:  I don’t find this funny at all. You have to put yourself in the shoes of the ER staff. They see thousands of trauma cases come through various degrees of injuries. This woman could have fallen in an industrial chemical or acid or anything that could have caused her skin to fall off. This is not the place for jokes smh. These same people that some of you are insulting could be responsible for saving YOUR life one day in a REAL emergency. Kudos to the Beaumont staff



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