'90s Classic ‘Dinosaurs’ TV Show Is Coming To Disney+ This Fall

'90s Classic ‘Dinosaurs’ TV Show Is Coming To Disney+ This Fall

The hit family sitcom from the '90s is landing on Disney+ this fall and we are absolutely stoked!

Since Disney+ has entered the market, there is no doubt that it has impressed its audience with the content they have to offer, but there is also a bunch of other classic TV shows that are yet to arrive on the streaming channel. One of the first names that comes to my mind is The Muppet Show which is not available on Disney+ and neither is there any news of it coming anytime soon. But in other news, Disney Plus is bringing back the iconic family sitcom from the ’90s, Dinosaurs, and it has pleased a large number of fans in the process, reported Totally The Bomb


Dinosaurs is an American family sitcom television series that was originally broadcast on ABC from 1991-1994. The show follows the story of a family of anthropomorphic dinosaurs in the form of puppets. In total, Dinosaurs delivered 65 episodes and was created by the Jim Henson company, right before his demise in 1990. The Sinclair family lived in modern times and their residence came equipped with electricity, TVs, and humans as pets.



The news of Dinosaurs landing in Disney+ this fall was first revealed by none other than Ryan Reynolds on ABC’s new game show Don’t. But that's all we know about the show for now and the release date is yet to be released. The 90s show was also partly produced by Walt Disney Television, hence it was easier for the Mouse House to acquire the rights. All the characters were designed by Henson's team member Kirk Thatcher. 



While I understand that the description of the show sounds bizarre, but believe me, it was the BEST show at that time. And going by the content Dinosaurs has to offer, I have no doubt that the present generation will equally enjoy watching it. Till now, we had to rely on YouTube to watch the episodes, but not anymore. Since the announcement has been made, I can't wait to spend time with  Earl, Fran, Robbie, Charlene, and most importantly, Baby Sinclair. There is no doubt it would be the best kind of reunion once the show starts airing. 



The show is often compared to The Flintstones as they also satirized modern life. The breakout star of the series was Baby Sinclair, who was considered to be the version of Baby Yoda or Baby Groot during the '90s. Dinosaurs were once available on Hulu, but it hasn't been streaming for a while. However, you can still purchase DVDs from platforms like Amazon. 



But, having said that, having a 90s cartoon streaming on a popular platform like Disney+ is bound to have a lot of advantages and hopefully, this also means we will get to see more Henson-produced content in the future. Are you looking forward to watching Dinosaurs on Disney+? Let us know in the comments below. 

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