You Can Now Get Snacks From Disney World Delivered To Your Home Every Month!

You Can Now Get Snacks From Disney World Delivered To Your Home Every Month!

Available in different box sizes and taste preferences, you can now make your favorite snacks come to you, whenever you please.

Yes, you can now enjoy all your favorite snacks from Disney World while still being in the comfort of your house! Specially packed in cute boxes and curated from various popular snacks across different Disney World's, a company called Boxney is literally doing something which we all only dreamt of. Even though not affiliated with Disney officially, when you place an order, one of the company's crew heads up to Disney and makes sure your hunger for Disney is satisfied, even though you couldn't physically go to the magical park.



Each month, they curate cute AF boxes and send them to subscribed members which include exclusive snacks you cannot get your hands on outside Disney including Waffle Cone Milk Chocolate Bars, Goofy Taffy, Gourmet Jelly Beans, Main Street Maple Bacon Popcorn, Character Cookies, and sometimes even official merch. The boxes are available to buy in three different sizes, so if you wanna just try out the service, you can go for the smallest one.



"But, how exactly does it work?" Boxney has listed out steps for you detailing the process. "Select the box size you want. Order a single box or sign up for our monthly subscription service and automatically receive a new box every month. You may cancel anytime. Next, we visit the Disney parks and collect your items and carefully pack them in your box. Unbox your box and start enjoying your authentic Disney items! Make sure to tag us on your social media pages and share your experience with everyone! #boxney"



The Minibox for $30, contains 3-4 snacks, Original Box for $60 which is basically a regular sized box and has 4-7 items, and the large one which is the biggest and comes with over 15-20 exclusive Disney World goodies is available for $110. Boxney also keeps a track of what you've been receiving in the boxes and makes sure it keeps mixing and matching things especially for you so you don't miss out on anything.



Plus, you can always order a box for an avid Disney lover who lives far off from it. In fact, Boxney includes Halloween and Christmas special items during the festive period so you know, in case you were wondering what gifts can you possibly give away your kids this year, the answer to your worries is right here. There is also an option for gluten-free snacks, so if you are somebody who goes gluten-free, you can still have your preferred items delivered. Check out the store right here.



Disney is already preparing for its major annual Halloween festival so we're guessing it won't be long till you can get hold of Halloween candies. Disney has officially announced an all-new event which welcomes guests of all ages because you know, you are NEVER old enough to go to Disneyland! The spooky party will be held at Disney California Adventure Park and will include exclusive rides and a never before experience.



The Oogie Boogie Bash event will take off on 6th of September and carry on till October 31st and the separate ticket event will include a number of new and old attractions, including - "“Villainous!” – The new “World of Color” show weaves a Halloween tale about a young girl named Shelley Marie. This twisted tale carries Shelley on an unforgettable journey, exploring the villainous side of Disney characters through fountains, lights, lasers, projections and special effects. “Villainous!” shows that, deep down, there’s a little villain in all of us," revealed Disney. Will you be going?



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