You Can Soon Visit Disneyland For An Adult Halloween Party With Alcohol And Free Candy

You Can Soon Visit Disneyland For An Adult Halloween Party With Alcohol And Free Candy

This year, the California Adventures park will play host to an exciting Halloween-themed bash that will encourage adult trick-or-treating, dancing, and even drinking.

From September 17 through October 31, get ready to witness a marvelous spectacle as Disney's California Adventures Park is about to be transformed into a real Halloween carnival.

The night of All Saints' Eve (Halloween) is eagerly awaited every year by most children as they spend the evening dressing up in their favorite scary outfits and go trick-or-treating. Adults too love to spend their Halloween nights dressed up in their favorite costumes, but their fun doesn't end with just candy. And this year, you can attend a real party with the best of both worlds at Disneyland's California Adventures Park. 



So this Halloween season, Disney has plans to transform their California Adventures Park into a real "Nightmare Before Christmas" look with the classic Christmas spook Oogie Boogie hosting all of Disney's most iconic villains.

Do remember to bring your A-Game when it comes to costumes because you will witness adults and children alike dressed to the mark. Oh yes, this party isn't just for adults as Disney encourages people of all ages to attend.



Among the many attractions that are planned are trick-or-treating paths where people can fill pillowcases of candy from cauldrons. There's a new "Villainous!" World of Color show which will exclusively premiere at the park. Aside from that, there'll be a Descendents-inspired dance club and a spooky Disney Halloween-themed dance floor.

Wow, could you in your wildest dreams imagine that as a child, you would someday be partying at your favorite children's park as an adult, drinking booze on a dancefloor? We doubt it.



What's more? Cathay Circle, the renowned restaurant and movie theater located inside California Adventures is about to undergo a complete transformation for this event. The exteriors of the building are set to be engulfed by Maleficent's vines and the inside is going to be made into an "immersive haunted experience complete with sounds and illusions".

And there's going to be a real platter of specially made Halloween-themed food and drinks. Oh yes, speaking of drinks! The theme park plans on selling booze openly throughout the premises. Yes! Now that's what grown-ups want to hear. Mind you, it's going to even suit the weather! 



Now, getting to the rubrics of the event. This may leave a damper on some moods, but the Halloween celebrations are only running on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. You'll also need to purchase a special event ticket to attend as it's an exclusive limited event.

The pricing for the tickets ranges from $110 to $145 depending on which day you opt for, and tickets for some of the initial dates have been sold out so do hurry up! August will pass before you know it and the event kicks off from September 17th and concludes on Halloween night (31st Oct).



I guess it's safe to say that this is something we've all been waiting for! For quite a while, if we may add. Most people who are of age want to live the nostalgia of their childhood but with the liberties of their adulthood.

And it seems that Disney has brought two and two together in some fashion. Just the thought of celebrating Halloween with a happy vibe and buzz, surrounded by friends and family at a large and cherished park with so many attractions is getting us excited. We hope to see you there! 


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