This Cat With Rare Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Finally Finds A Home And Is Now Happier Than Ever

This Cat With Rare Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Finally Finds A Home And Is Now Happier Than Ever

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a genetic disease which causes loose joints, joint pain, stretchy skin, and easy bruising.

A kind couple who was looking for a special cat to adopt stumbled upon this beautiful baby and immediately thought of bringing him home. Toby, a 6-year-old cat, was abandoned by its previous owners as he suffers from a rare genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which causes loose joints, joint pain, easy bruising, and loose skin, making the animal look much older than he really is.

The condition is extremely rare and not many know about it. The couple adopted the special need kitty along with his friend Quinton. Quinton, too, is a special feline who has no teeth.



“We found them on the RSPCA website when they were looking for a home,” Georgina told Bored Panda. “They’re a bonded pair, the RSPCA advertised them together. And we thought if we can help two cats rather than one, then that’s the best possible outcome. They were both terrified and huddled right at the back. Toby just hid behind Quinton the whole time, trembling.”



Initially, the two had trouble adjusting to their new home, but they are all fine now.



“They were just so scared and were living under the bed for weeks but food and love eventually got them out,” Georgina said. “And Now they own the place. They just do whatever they want and act mad when you turn the light on if they’re asleep on the bed or something.”



Toby is now active and plays around but he is unaware of his condition and gets easily hurt.



“He seems oblivious to it. His biggest problem is probably us trying to make sure he doesn’t get hurt or cleaning his wounds (he hates that).”



But, the couple is always on their toes to help their little buddy out.



“We’re very lucky that his condition seems to be mild and we manage it very easily,” Georgina added. “His skin is just weaker than it should be so he gets lots of tears, especially around his neck and head.”



The two cats take care of each other and are inseparable. Toby is finally happy and we are glad he has found someone who is loving him unconditionally. Check out more of his adorable pictures below.

1. That's the spot!



2. Monch Monch!



3. Marking territories



4. A majestic wise boy



5. Why is Quinton yelling at Toby? We wanna know!


6. Such posers


7. A literal furballlll


8. Snoozing away


9. I wanna pet him so bad :'(



10. A VERY good boi who deserves all the happiness!


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