Artist builds massive wooden statues of giants in the Copenhagen woods

Artist builds massive wooden statues of giants in the Copenhagen woods

Copenhagen Giants entrance visitors with their majestic size and clever creation. The giants are all made of recycled materians by artist Thomas Dambo.





The world always can use a little more magic, and finding a way to do it while using reclaimed material is a kindness to the world. A Danish artist named Thomas Dambo has done his part by creating statues of big friendly giants using scavenged wood taken from pallets, sheds, and old fences. He has hidden six of them around Copenhagen as a way to encourage visitors to seek them out in offbeat areas around his home town.





Each sculpture is a team effort and every one on of the giants can be found with either a map Dambo prepared or a poem engraved into stones near the sculptures. “It invites the viewers to go on a treasure hunt, not only to see the sculptures, but also to discover hidden gems in nature,” Dambo shares.


Giant 2



MyModernMet has an article on the pieces and their origin.

Each piece interacts with the environment. For instance, Teddy Friendly, which was produced in conjunction with a local activation center and provided work for four unemployed people, sits next to a lake. His arm extended, he actually helps people across the tiny stream that feeds into the river. Little Tilde, located in an area filled with nature and wildlife, also furnishes a home for the animals she idly watches. Dambo filled the sculpture with 28 bird houses, establishing this give and take.


Giant 4            

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