'AHS' Star Evan Peters Rumored To Play Jim Carrey's Son In 'Ace Ventura 3'

'AHS' Star Evan Peters Rumored To Play Jim Carrey's Son In 'Ace Ventura 3'

The role has been immortalized by Jim Carrey. Can he do justice?

It looks like we may soon see a new Ace Ventura movie in the coming years with X-Men star Evan Peters likely to take over as the supremely popular pet detective. The role has been immortalized by Jim Carrey, who burst into the Hollywood scene with mega-blockbusters and followed it up with dozens of other hits. So, rather than continue the role, Ace Ventura 3 would reportedly introduce Peters as the son of Carrey's character, who inherits the very traits that endeared himself to animals. Plus, he will also be a fan of Hawaiian shirts, and stylish hairdos, reports, WeGotThisCovered.



Although not a lot of information is available about the upcoming sequel, it is reportedly coming from a reliable source. Also, while Even Peters has displayed the manic traits that made Carrey's films a delight, his rising stardom in recent years makes him a potentially bankable star. He's already worked in X-Men and American Horror Story and has also taken on a mysterious role in Wandavision, the much-hyped Disney+ Marvel series. So, it remains to be seen whether the franchise is going to be brought back from the cold, and if so, what route will the makers take. The first Ace Ventura film arrived way back in 1994 via Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, where Carrey's character is hired by Miami Dolphins to find their dolphin mascot Snowflake. Things heat up when several Dolphins players continue to disappear including star player Dan Marino, pushing Ventura to work faster. Teaming up with Melissa Robinson, a Dolphins representative, Ventura gradually closes in on the culprits, and along the way treating us to some incredible catchphrases.



Directed by Tom Shadyac and based on a screenplay credited to Shadyac, Jim Carrey, and Jack Bernstein, the first Ace Ventura starred Courteney Cox, Sean Yong, Tone Loc, and Dan Marino. Produced on a budget of $15 million, the movie went on to become a huge success, earning $107.2 million, and pushing Carrey into the upper echelons of Hollywood as he appeared in Mask and Dumb and Dumber. The swashbuckling success led to a sequel in 1995 called Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls which saw the detective journey to Africa in search of a missing bat, a creature he wholeheartedly despises. This movie turned out to be an even bigger success earning over $212 million on a budget of $30 million while earning plaudits from audiences and critics alike.



If the final cut turns out as rumored, it won't be the first time for such a thing to happen, even in the Ace Ventura franchise. Back in 2009, a TV movie named Ace Ventura Jr.: Pet Detective was released with Josh Flitter as the son of Ace Ventura who follows his father's footsteps to save his mother from going to jail. The movie had none of the original stars as neither Carrey nor writer Steve Oedekerk was involved. Meanwhile, on the internet front, people are slowly opening up the idea of Peters starring as junior Ventura with many believing the 34-year-old is perfect for the role.


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