This Fairytale Village Is Set In Still Water And Has No Roads Or Cars

This Fairytale Village Is Set In Still Water And Has No Roads Or Cars

People in the village use footbridges to get to one another's house and boats to get to other streets in the village.

Any description of Giethoorn, a tiny Dutch village in Holland, will make you wonder if it's straight out of a fairytale book. A world without cars and roads, where villagers use boats and cycles to get around the hamlet that's situated on a canal system. It's for the same reason, that Giethoorn is called the Venice of Holland. Located in the province of Overijssel and 75 miles away from Amsterdam, the village is known for its tranquility and is guaranteed to charm your socks off. Giethoorn is a collection of small islands linked by bridges with water for roads. With just a population of 2,260 people, the village is a world of its own and mostly has thatched-roof farmhouses and footbridges, according to Theheartysoul. 




The village gets its name from Geytenhoren or 'goat horn' because a group of farmer-settlers found a collection of wild goat horns in the village. It is believed that the goats were killed by the flood of 1170. The flood might have come and gone but the village's identity continues to be defined by water. Once you get to the village, you can park around the village center and continue on foot, by bike or by canoe. Tourists have slowly started swarming to the village and have become a source of income for the locals who guide them around the village on rowboats and canoes. With no cars or motors revving, the sweet sound of nature is more distinct than ever.



So if you're in Giethoorn you'll have to use footbridges to get to other houses in your street and the waterways to get to other streets. The most relaxing thing you can do is to row your way through the canals using whisper boats or even motorboats that you can rent from the locals in the village. You could also join a canal cruise where local guides can show you around the village. Cycling is also a common mode of transport with bicycle trails connecting most parts of the village. Fishing is also popular among locals and tourists in the village. The village also has its own museum with artifacts of the village's history. 




The town is luscious green with exotic birds and trees. If you don't want the touristy experience, you can avoid the crowds by traveling to the village in April, May, June, or September. Making the trip on weekdays also helps. The village is also known for its culinary delights with excellent restaurants situated on the water's edge. There are also interesting towns nearby such as Vollenhove and Blokzijl, where you can find historic buildings, ancient churches, and castle. The National Park De Weerribben-Wieden is also very close to Giethoorn and is home to home to otters, black terns, great cormorants, and egrets, according to the National Geographic. So if you're planning a romantic getaway or even a wedding, Giethoorn is the place to be. 










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