You Can Now Paddle Through Florida's Bioluminescent Waters In A See-Through Kayak

You Can Now Paddle Through Florida's Bioluminescent Waters In A See-Through Kayak

Imagine kayaking under a peaceful starlit sky in glowing water waves in a see-through kayak which glows too.

If you want to experience heaven without actually dying, there's a magical place on earth where you can go which involves kayaking in naturally glowing waters. "Is that even a thing?"

Bioluminescence is a phenomenon which turns rivers and beaches glowy due to presence of marine creatures which emit light. As the waves flow in, the creatures move, making the whole scenery look breathtaking.



And as if all that is not enough, a company called Get Up And Go Kayaking is offering people to explore the famous bioluminescent waters of Florida in a totally transparent see-through kayak!

Imagine kayaking under a peaceful starlit sky in glowing waters in a kayak which lets you see glowy Cone Jellyfishes and planktons underwater. So aesthetically pleasing!



How will kayaking in a see-through kayak feel like? 'With clear kayaks you are able to look between your legs and see the bio right underneath you the whole time! We’ve heard guests say it looks like: “Space Mountain, time travel, a galaxy right below you, space sparkles,” and more!'

Plus, as you paddle through, the water illuminates and it is simply the most MAGICAL thing ever! In fact, it glows when you touch it too! However, to experience this, you have to book your tickets for summer. The best season is said to be from May to October so you know, you still have some time left.



'Be sure to book in advance as the season generally runs from end of May-October and is most visible on the darkest nights with a new moon or no moon rise. Tours are first-come-first-serve, so don’t wait! We’ve got the BEST bioluminescent tours in Florida as our clear kayaks provide the absolute best ability to view the bioluminescence! When the organisms move in the water they create a beautiful glowing effect. This means that you can see fish underwater by the glow that they give off as they swim, your paddle will glow as you maneuver the waterways, and the natural flow of water will illuminate these organisms. We’re the first clear kayaking bioluminescent company! The great thing about paddling in our clear kayaks is that you can also see the glowing directly below you! Paddling in a clear kayak will enhance your bioluminescence viewing experience by a long shot!' details Get Up And Go Kayaking's website.



Now, you might be thinking that all this prettiness must be really high on your pocket? It's quite affordable! Priced at $65 for adults and $55 for kids, you can get your own ticket to this paradise on earth. Check out more details here.


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