You Can Now Stay At 'Friday The 13th' Camp Crystal Lake, And Experience The Horror In Real Life

You Can Now Stay At 'Friday The 13th' Camp Crystal Lake, And Experience The Horror In Real Life

Take your love for the slasher film to the next level and spend a night at Camp Crystal Lake! But, beware a man in a hockey mask will be waiting for you.

It's been almost 40 years since we first saw an innocent boy drowning in Crystal Lake and returning as a badass slasher villain but he still remains as scary as ever. The guy with a hockey mask and a kill count of more than 140 people, Jason Voorhees is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying slashers out there and my personal favorite.

And, as much as I would love to see him chop some heads like potatoes once again, the franchise is currently battling legal issues which don't seem to come to a conclusion. Do you miss Jason like me? Well, you can either binge watch all of the twelve Friday the 13th movies or you can do something even better. Pack your bags and let's head to Camp Crytal Lake!



Life is too short to wait around for a sequel/reboot which may or may not happen. Take your love for the iconic slasher movie to the next level and stay the night at the infamous Camp Crystal Lake and who knows, you might actually see Jason there.

Can't guarantee if THAT will be a pretty sight though. Camp Crystal Lake, originally known as Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in real life, is offering a tour of the camp where the movie was shot and if you're a MAJOR horror fan, you NEED to go!



I mean, what's better than experiencing your favorite horror movie in real life, right? The movie was shot at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in the 80's but the camp NEVER allowed fans to get in and kept the grounds strictly private and off limits, until recently.

'The camp opened in 1927, making it the oldest continuously operating Scout camp in New Jersey.  Since then, countless Scouts have made the trip to No-Be and forged memories to last a lifetime. In 1979, there was also a small film shot there.  You might have heard of it… it was called “Friday the 13th, Part 1". As horror films don’t really fit well with the program of a Boy Scout camp, the BSA has not allowed movie fans to visit the birthplace of the most popular horror film franchise ever created,' the camp's website reveals.



The overwhelming love from the fans forced Crystal Lake to open its arms to them and now you can go see Jason's birthplace with your own two eyes but there's a catch. Fans of Jason are a LOT and the tickets the camp can offer is very less.

According to the camp, the last time they offered tickets, they were sold out in mere 8 seconds and bought by people across the continents. Imagine that!



Tickets are now sold at a random-lottery basis and if you wish to spend this Halloween with Jason, you can enter to buy a ticket here. Entering is totally free of cost and the proceeds of the event go to fundraising and protecting the historic grounds. And according to the testimonies and reviews, it sounds like everyone who ever bought a ticket had the time of their lives.

“Easily the best day of my life next to my son being born," reviewed one person. “What a fantastic opportunity! I came from Texas for this and it was worth all the headaches of travel! Everyone was gracious and welcoming and the tour was more than I imagined it would be!" added another. Would you like to have a good time with Jason Voorhees in his home...(coughs)...ground? Try your luck!

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