Funko Adds 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Dapper Jack Skellington To Its Diamond Pop Collection

Funko Adds 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Dapper Jack Skellington To Its Diamond Pop Collection

Jack Skellington has brought his dapper best to Hot Topic with Funko adding the Dapper Jack Skellington Diamond Collection Pop figure to its 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' collection.

The Nightmare Before Christmas appears to be having quite a moment in the spotlight lately. Although we still have more than 2 months to go for Halloween and even more for Christmas, the 1993 stop-motion musical dark fantasy film has been making a lot of news lately what with Disneyland launching the Oogie Boogie Halloween bash.

Funko has taken the opportunity to tap into the hype and bring renewed attention to its The Nightmare Before Christmas collection by adding an exciting new product to the wide array. Joining the team now is a Dapper Jack Skellington Diamond Collection Pop figure that's quite sparkly.



According to Comic Book, the NBX Dapper Jack Skellington Diamond Collection Pop figure is exclusively available on Hot Topic. Priced at $14.50 per pop, the figure features a smart-looking Jack Skellington with a tiny little top hat and spats.

The vinyl figure is 3 3/4 inches tall. The product description reads: Show how dapper your collection of The Nightmare Before Christmas is with a new Diamon Collection Pop! figure. This Dapper Jack Skellington is fully glittery, right from his top hat to his spats.

Source: Hot Topic


While the Dapper Jack Skellington Diamond Collection Pop figure should start trickling out to Hot Topic brick-and-mortar stores soon, chances of actually getting our hands on one are very slim, to be honest. Keen-eyed collectors would snag figures out before we finish saying "Happy Hal..."

On the other hand, if you really really want to add sparkly little Jack to your personal The Nightmare Before Christmas collection, keep your eyes peeled on eBay as the figures are bound to be resold there very soon. The price of those would obviously be a lot higher than $14.50 per pop, so brace yourselves.

Source: Hot Topic


Meanwhile, Funko recently also launched a Halloween cereal inspired by the Santa-Claus-kidnapping-burlap-sack-wearing Oogie Boogie. The spooky but nutritious cereal can be pre-ordered from Spirit Halloween or Spencer's and according to these websites, will be shipped on or before September 11.

Priced at $10.99 per seven-ounce box, the multigrain Os are green in color (duh!). The box also contains a little Oogie Boogie toy that would be another great addition to your collection.

Source: Spirit Halloween


The product description reads: Start off your day with a tasty treat when you pour a bowl of this officially licensed Oogie Boogie FunkO’s Cereal. Not only is this cereal delicious to eat but it also includes a glow in the dark Oogie Boogie Pocket Pop Figure. This green cereal is multigrain flavored and will be sure to help you start off your day the Oogie Boogie way!

The boxes also feature a fun maze game on the back, so you can expect a complete trip down memory lane with the Oogie Boogie FunkO's Cereal. 

Source: Spirit Halloween

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