Racist Gang Of Six Men Make Ape Noises At Black Commuter In Train

Racist Gang Of Six Men Make Ape Noises At Black Commuter In Train

The gang of men started to make monkey noises. One even pretended to be an ape. All of this was aimed at a black commuter on an underground train in London.

An act of racial abuse is not to be tolerated anywhere in the world and people conducting such acts should be severely punished. The world is trying to eradicate racism but it doesn't seem to be working very well. Recently, a passenger on a London Underground train was racially abused by a group of six men. The six white commuters started to make monkey noises when they came across the black man. One of them even started to swing from seat to seat and then jumping at the victim, pretending to be an ape. The horrific incident was caught on camera. The incident took place on March 8 on the Northern Line, just before Kennington station. The public around looked stunned at what was going on. However, none of the members of the public stood up against the gang of racist men. The victim recorded the entire incident and stayed calm in his seat. He did not lash out at anyone.

After the incident first took place, the victim, 27-year-old Mohammed Dirir, requested the gang of men to repeat the gestures and sounds they made so he could film the entire thing. Commuters in the background can be heard sympathizing with him as he was repeatedly abused by the gang of six. Regardless of the fact they were being filmed or were challenged several times, the group of men did not seem to be apologetic at all. They instead laughed the incident off and continued to joke about the abuse. Racial abuse is not something to joke about. There is nothing funny about racism.

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In an interview with the Daily Mail, Dirir said, "I was on the train, minding my own business. I saw a group of white men getting on and they saw me and started doing these monkey noises and these monkey movements. I tried to ignore it as much as possible but one of the guys gave me a thumbs up and then I realised he wanted me to know I was being targeted. So I asked him, ''are you good mate?''. Then he said to his friend that I was dumb and I didn't get it.  Fast forward, I tried to get some video footage and as you saw, they were really racist. I could've fought them but then again, everybody would say I was just responding to hate with hate and adding more fuel to the fire."

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He continued, "Being the man I am, I was raised to show love rather than hate and I had to set an example. You saw what happened. We need to stop the hatred around the world man. All this racism that's going on, it's nonsense. We're all the same. Ignorant people like that need to be guided and I pray to God that he guides them." The men have no basis on which they can or should discriminate based on a person's race. Everyone is born equal and racism is nothing but a man-made concept made to distinguish between people. We are now in the 21st century and all of this needs to be put an end to. Equality is the key to global success.

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In the video that was taken by the victim, one of the six men is seen to be leaping from one seat to another, pretending to be an ape. He is even seen jumping straight at Dirir and filling up the camera. After the incident was reported, Dirir posted a video on Instagram in which he is heard saying, "Racism is still alive. To all my people of colour around the world, stay strong. Let's end this epidemic once and for all." A friend of the victim took to Twitter to express his own views. He wrote: Six white racist individuals started to make monkey noises on the train to my friend because he is black, one of the individuals then starts to swing around and coming up close. They need to be identified and punished, being drunk is NOT an excuse.


It is important to address racism from the very beginning. When children are in primary school they need to be taught about how everyone is equal and anyone making or teaching racist slurs or comments or even seen practicing racial discrimination is doing the wrong thing and should be corrected. Incidents like these are intolerable and such racist people should be given very strict punishments and fined heavily. There is no information regarding whether the police have been involved in the incident that took place. It has not been reported that Dirir pressed charges. Hence, it is unclear whether investigations into the matter are being held.


The people on social media were very upset with the incident and demanded that strict action be taken against the six men. No one has stepped forward and recognized the six white men in the video as of yet. 

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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