Garbage Pail Kids Cereal, Energy Drinks and Candy Bars Set To Hit The Shelves Soon

Garbage Pail Kids Cereal, Energy Drinks and Candy Bars Set To Hit The Shelves Soon

The sticker trading card brand has decided to get into a totally different segment and fans were quick to react on social media about how they would try each and every item

We know that the Garbage Pail Kids brand makes sticker trading cards that have been popular since the 80s. But now we hear that they are getting into a segment that is totally different. Something that fans of the brand and their stickers may have never thought they would ever venture into - food, according to bloody-disgusting.com. Yes, you heard that right! Die-hard fans of the brand are, however, not too bothered and will probably go wherever their dear card company goes. Despite all these years, the Garbage Pail Kids brand has been only growing in strength.

They have announced an all-new line of cards. In addition to this, there are new collectibles and toys that will also be available in stores very soon.  Next time you go to a store you will not fail to notice Garbage Pail Kids cereal, candy bars and energy drinks side by side with your beloved cards. Some of the flavors of cereals to look out for will be the “Crazy Crisps with Marshmallow Barf Bits” according to GeePeeKay, the reference website for everything related to the brand.


So far as energy drinks are concerned, one can try a range of flavors, from “Cherry Bomb” to different chocolate bars named "Leaky Bar", “Blasted Bar” and “Leaky Bar.” Grumpy Kate‏ wrote on Twitter about the cereals: ok seriously but do they come with chocolate frogs or in a Garbage Pail Kids version because I’d be all over that. Another big fan with the Twitter handle Marzo Kalif wrote about how he was regularly checking out the items in his Target store with little luck:  I've been stalkin my Target for the cereals too. At least they got Garbage Pail Kids cards


Another fan, Joe Getz said he wanted the energy drinks suggesting a few names and wrote on Twitter:  I want a line of Garbage Pail Kids energy drinks with flavors such as "Last Nights Mistake". I'm bored with Monster and Red Bull. Mary Beth thought the brand missed a major opportunity in naming their candy bars. On Twitter she wrote: How did they miss the opportunity to call them “barfmallow bits”?! ⁦@cerealouslynet⁩. Twitter handle That Horror Fan though of these new items as an absolute need. He wrote on Twitter: Holy s***!! I need this!!!




Another overjoyed fan wrote:  You lived long enough to see Garbage Pail Kids cereal. Don’t tell me life sucks. Then there were small time critics of the brand's move like Jason Johnson‏ who thought the whole idea of the brand selling food items not really that pleasing.  He wrote: Who in the hell thought having the 70's garbage pail kids sell cereal was a good idea ??? People like Johnson, however, seem to be in the minority. Most fans were all up for the idea and are sure to try the items. While there is some time before the cereals and candy bars hit store shelves, one can get a taste of what's coming by trying out the energy drinks that are already available at a price of $3.99 on the retail store FYE’s website.

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