'Ghost Adventures' Is Returning To Explore The Real 'Conjuring' House This October

'Ghost Adventures' Is Returning To Explore The Real 'Conjuring' House This October

The famous American paranormal travel show is getting a spin-off called 'Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits'. Zack and team are returning to deal with some angry killer spirits.

A brand-new miniseries of the famous American paranormal TV series Ghost Adventures is happening at Travel channel and the spin-off is titled Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits! The creepy spin-off was announced at the San Diego Comic-Con and well, it is coming this Halloween season.

According to BloodyDisgusting, the mini-series will be four-part and will focus on America's most dangerous serial killers! The ghosthunters will be visiting iconic houses of murderers? Yes, please!

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley will head to the infamous HH Holmes murder house and we truly hope it is going to be as exciting as it sounds.

"I really wanted to do this miniseries because I wanted to get inside the minds of these serial killers,” Bagans said at Comic-Con.



Not only that, for a special Halloween episode, the team will be exploring the real-life alleged 'haunted' Conjuring house in Rhode Island which was recently bought by a couple. “I’ve investigated a lot of places, but these locations are absolutely terrifying on a whole other level," Bagans revealed.

"To walk in the same footsteps as these serial killers, where some of the most notorious acts of evil were committed – it severely affects you. The residual energy alone is palpable. And the real-life house that inspired the Conjuring movies – I’m speechless! That has a been a dream of mine to investigate for years and I can’t believe it’s finally happening. It’s beyond legendary. I can’t wait for viewers to experience this terrifying adventure with us.”

The episode will be 2 hours long and airs on October 31. 'A special Halloween episode of “Ghost Adventures” will petrify viewers as the crew investigates the home of the notorious Perron family, whose horrifying hauntings were portrayed in the film, The Conjuring. The Rhode Island home is one of the most terrifying places in the world and has also been made famous by the work of renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were called in to help by the Perron family. The Ghost Adventures crew is ready to confront the potentially dangerous consequences of investigating the infamous house,' reads the description of the episode.



Back in 2013, The Conjuring brought a lot of attention to the Perrons, the real family the movie is based on, actual paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and the iconic house. In fact, the attention the house received was so much that the owners sued Warner Bros.

The Rhode Island couple Norma Sutcliffe and Gerald Helfrich sued Warner Bros over trespassing issues. After the movie released, the couple faced “threats of physical violence and harm, sleepless nights, and worry that one day, one of the many trespassers will commit an act of destruction, violence, or harm,” the court documents read, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.
They also claimed that WB made and released the movie without informing them. The suit was settled outside the court.



But, the house was put on sale and recently, it was bought by a couple who don't mind the attention. In fact, they are opening the house for public tours! Cory and Jennifer Heinzen are currently working on fixing and modifying the house and they believe the house is still haunted.

“We had doors opening, footsteps and knocks,” Heinzen told Press Herald. “I’ve had a hard time staying there by myself. I don’t have the feeling of anything evil, (but) it’s very busy. You can tell there’s a lot of things going on in the house. I’ve always been fascinated with the Warrens. It’s just like a piece of paranormal history, this house.”

Is the house really as possed and haunted as the Perrons and Warrens claimed it to be? Guess we'll find out this Halloween!

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