'Ghost' Wheelchair Leaves Hospital On Its Own In Chilling CCTV Footage And People Are Freaking Out

'Ghost' Wheelchair Leaves Hospital On Its Own In Chilling CCTV Footage And People Are Freaking Out

A security guard froze and watched on helplessly as the wheelchair wheeled itself outside the hospital.

A video showing a wheelchair moving and steering itself has gone viral and has the internet spooked! The wheelchair, with nobody on it, was caught on surveillance footage moving and making a turn to exit a hospital in Chandigarh, India, according to a report by People. The security guard was a little surprised to see the wheelchair move slowly towards the exit and followed it as it went down the ramp. "I came out to drink water and I saw the wheelchair moving on its own,” Manoj Kumar told Newsflare, referring to the video.



The footage was captured by CCTV cameras installed at the entrance of the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh. At the start of the footage, the wheelchair can be seen positioned between two chairs. The stationary wheelchair then can be seen slowly moving backward, like it would if someone sat on it. It then starts to move and makes a small turn as if steered by someone. It slowly gains momentum but changes its direction and swerves away from a potential collision with the wall and steers itself towards the hospital entrance. The wheelchair makes two turns in opposite directions within the first ten seconds of the video. 

Stationary wheelchair/YouTube screenshot


The video then alternates between two CCTV camera showing two different angles. As the wheelchair moves towards the exit, the security guard, Manoj Kumar, enters the frame and appears to watch the wheelchair with surprise and apprehension. The wheelchair then exits through the hospital’s automatic doors and heads down the ramp. Manoj Kumar cautiously walks towards the wheelchair but doesn't attempt to follow it down the ramp. He can be seen watching the situation unfold. 

The wheelchair moving on its own


Social media has its share of cynics with Gary Hall writing: Oh yeah that one where the ethereal spirit has a broken ghost leg and needs a real-world physical object to escape lol escape what? His ghost medical bill. Afterlife care costs? Ignacio Soto Ch added: Why does a ghost need a wheelchair to escape? Just wanting to leave a site, leave.

The hospital guard watching on cautiously


People are arguing that the wheelchair just rolls because it has wheels, but if you watch the footage closely, you can watch it steer and change directions as if guided by an invisible force. While Manoj Kumar seemed apprehensive in the video, he seemed more assured in the morning when contacted by the media. He brushed aside claims that it could be a paranormal force and suggested the wind might have had something to do with the self-steering wheelchair. “It was just wind and nothing else,” said Manoj. "I was also feeling very cold," he added.

Anyone with an interest in paranormal activity and supernatural will tell you that a sudden drop in temperatures can mean only one thing: Ghosts! It's often noted that the presence of ghosts results in a sudden drop in temperature.

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