Girl Scout Puts Shirtless Jason Momoa On Cookie Boxes And It Sells Out Immediately

Girl Scout Puts Shirtless Jason Momoa On Cookie Boxes And It Sells Out Immediately

Now, this is some genius marketing. We will take 10 boxes!

Did you ever feel like you can always buy yourself boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies and never have enough!? Of course, none of us really need an incentive to blow up our money on these goodies, but one 5th grader managed to blow our minds away with a sweet bit of marketing genius! She managed to reinvent her Samoa packaging in the most literal, and best way possible. The Colorado-based "Cookie CEO" Charlotte Holmberg, first earned the title after selling over 2,000 boxes in the year 2018. She is now turning her Samoas into Momoas! That's right, she redesigned her packaging to include shirtless Jason Momoa, and sales ended up exploding... was there even a surprise there!?



Holmberg's idea was simply fantastic, and the marketing professional on her sales team was her own mom. She spotted a few memes where they compared Jason Momoa to Samoa and found it really ingenious. She then thought of the rebranding, where the pair printed a shot of the Aquaman star on the classic purple packaging, and lo and behold, everyone was eager for a box. "The moms are getting really excited and they're saying that they need them!" Charlotte told Denver's 9News. "The girls will wanna buy some because he's on the front. And the boys will also wanna buy some because he's like, he might be like they're favorite character." Oh, and just to put it out there, Jason Momoa is not Samoan, but actually Hawaiian, with a Polynesian ethnicity. Momoa strongly identifies with his Hawaiian roots, and his connections to Polynesian cultures deeply influence his portrayals of different characters.



The Girls Scouts of Colorado were so impressed by her idea that they reposted a shot of Charlotte alongside her Momoas and two local news anchors. "Thank you Kim Christiansen and Kristen Aguirre of 9NEWS (KUSA) for supporting Girl Scout Charlotte and purchasing a package of Jason Momoa Samoas!" the account posted. Sales continued to rise as everyone around wanted a bite of the shirtless Momoa Samoas and it is all thanks to Charlotte's reinvention. Of course, there were still some who found it a bit inappropriate, but hey, no great thing is without controversy. The comment section of Girl Scouts of Colorado's Facebook posts had comments like: "Expect a letter from Warner Bros. 😎," and. "Ugh. So not appropriate,". This wasn't really a formal initiative by the Girl Scouts as a whole and was merely the brainchild of one particular Girl Scout. 


Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time a Girl Scout has gotten creative. In February, Delish reported that Kiki Paschall remixed Cardi B's "Money," a move that both garnered the attention of the rap queen herself and sold out her stock. Kiki's mom also jumped online to thank Cardi B for her social media love, People reports. "Thank you for the retweet!" she began. "This is "Kiki P's mom. Kiki is sleeping right now, but when she wakes up it will be like Christmas Day to hear that you responded. Please reach out to me if you truly want cookies...my troop would love the support."



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