You Can Now Get A Giant 'Godzilla' Christmas Tree That Breathes Smoke This Season

You Can Now Get A Giant 'Godzilla' Christmas Tree That Breathes Smoke This Season

If you thought Godzilla and Christmas could never go together, think again.

Photo Credits: Flyingkiwiltd

It is that time of the year again where the internet is flooded with different kinds of Christmas trees! If you are a lover of all things monstrous, and especially Godzilla then this news is going to be special for you. There is a Godzilla shaped Christmas tree available for sale and I think it's the most unique trend out of all the tree trends in the market. 

The Godzilla-based Christmas Tree is made by Rotorua-based pilot Steven Newland and very recently, he put up his unique creation up for auction on Trade Me, according to Bloody Disgusting. The tree is 1.8 meters high and it can breathe smoke. The 'Treezilla' has teeth made out of plastic, paper talons, and the eyes glow red. 



The reason behind this creation is the long-standing annual tradition that he and his neighbor follow. He said, "At the time, we did a time portal Christmas tree, so half of it went down out of the floor and the other half popped out of the ceiling upside down. After we did it our neighbors stopped playing with us but since then we do a random Christmas tree each year."


Back in 2017, Newland made a Pacman inspired Christmas tree and Treezilla was created around Christmas 2018. The tree is made from four large Christmas trees, chicken wire, a smoke machine and LED lights. Newland added, "I gave myself a month to build it, thinking it would take a while, but I had it finished in two weeks." Newland didn't delve too much into how much the Treezilla cost to build but hopes that he will be able to recover the cost through the auction. 


Newland said, "Everyone finds it a great laugh. A lot of my friends get quite excited to see what tree I will do next, they send suggestions on what I can do. It's gotten to the point where you have to live up to expectations each year." The spokesperson of Trade Me, Millie Silvester said, "Over the years we've seen tonnes of listings for Christmas trees and decorations but never a smoke-breathing Godzilla Christmas tree."


In the past week, there have been more than 60,000 searches for Christmas trees on the site. Sylvester said, "There's currently 450 Christmas trees on site but nothing quite like this." As of November 27, the auction prize on Trade Me has been closed in on $250. 

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