Goth Crocs With Spikes And Chains Are A Thing Now And People Are Absolutely Loving Them!

Goth Crocs With Spikes And Chains Are A Thing Now And People Are Absolutely Loving Them!

Yes, you can now buy Crocs which are not only comfortable but also yell "stay away from me!" in Goth. Rawrrr.

Are you somebody who likes to avoid people or dislikes them in general? Do you hate standing in long queues and waiting for your turn? Well, if yes, a person has created something magical for you. Crocs have gone goth and it certainly isn't a phase. The comfy yet ridiculously awful looking Crocs we all have a love/hate relationship with, have been modified with chains and spikey spikes and the result isn't half bad. In fact, people are LOVING the goth shoes so much that the modified Crocs have created a MAJOR buzz on the internet. Alexa, play All I Need by Within Temptation.


Designed by Instagrammers @garbage_b0y and @lhommeboy, the modified shoes feature nickel-plated spikes and stainless steel chains and come with an addon option of having a long chain which you can attach to your clothing if you are into those sort of things. A shop called HeavyCreamStore is selling the gothic crocs which scream 'Get AWAY from me' on Etsy for US$ 240 and people are actually buying them!


Buying them? They think it is a STEAL DEAL and hell, the Crocs are already out of stock! As of now, there is only ONE single pair of shoes remaining in the store which will be gone in a blink as well. The handmade shoes come with an option to remove the huge side spike, in case you don't hate people that much and you can also add an ankle chain to your shoe and put your best goth game on display.


"Punk spike crocs to make your feet into the final form rare Pokémon they were meant to be. (PATENT PENDING) Made by @garbage_b0y (instagram) and sold by HEAVY CREAM," reads the Etsy description of the shoes which also adds in bold that they are in no way associated with Crocs. They only buy the original ones and then modify them further. Just to put it there, the original black goth shoes can be bought for like $50...


But, why not pay extra $$$ when you are lazy? The internet is in love with the goth Crocs or should I say puncrocs? "boutta spend $250 on goth crocs," a person tweeted, announcing that they are going to buy the expensive shoes because well, isn't it all about seeking attention? But, some are being reasonable and willing to make their own goth Crocs, "If my friends really think that as soon as I have money I’m not gonna make my own goth crocs, they’re W R O N G."


For the ones who liked the idea of modified Crocs but aren't into goth/punk stuff, you can now GO GREEN, nature lovers! Quite literally. Astro-turf covered Crocs are also a thing apparently and if you think you rock them, you can make them yours for a decent price of $60. This special rubbery Croc comes covered in turf both outside and INSIDE the shoe. The shoes being sold by Chinatown are all out of stock, of course.


Plus, let's not forget the Post Malone x Crocs collection which was sold out in few minutes after being launched, despite them being a total eyesore. "My first collab with @crocs is SOLD OUT already!" Post Malone shared his excitement on Twitter after learning that his Crocs are being loved by his fans across the globe and have already sold out. Are you a fan of Crocs? Which one of the above are you willing to rock?


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