'Grace And Frankie' Season 6 Is COMING To Netflix, And Here's Everything We Know So Far

'Grace And Frankie' Season 6 Is COMING To Netflix, And Here's Everything We Know So Far

The funniest ladies on Netflix are making a comeback and this time, they are bringing a special guest with them.

There's no stopping the longest running comedy show on Netflix, people. In this day and age where popular shows are getting axed, Grace and Frankie have landed another full-fledged season and the ladies are going on, stronger than ever. The franchise recently sired its fifth installment this January and fans are still not willing to let go of their favorite seniors. Since Netflix had no other choice, it has renewed the comedy show for season 6 and Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are all set to entertain us once again.



First aired in 2015, to everybody's surprise, the show has been running strong ever since, which is the reason why the sarcastic duo will be gracing us once again. This season will be funnier and more interesting than the previous ones as in addition to the usual gags and positive 'vibes,' the show will feature more twisted storylines and bring home some new guests.

Remember Jacob? Frankie's lost love interest? Well, according to showrunner Martha Kauffman, he is coming back. “The electricity between them was so vibrant. We will be seeing him in season 6," she said in a statement at Hollywood’s PaleyFest.

In addition to that, an all-new interesting character will be introduced in the show who will turn some things around for Grace and Frankie. No details about the character have been revealed yet but according to sources, it will be played by Mary Steenburgen.

The show has also caught attention for having incredible cameos and for season 6, the creators are planning to bring in Dolly Parton but nothing is confirmed yet as Dolly herself is busy with the Netflix show Heartstrings. Grace and Frankie season 6 is expected to hit Netflix next year and the production has already begun. "My morning routine —reading NY Times & getting ready to be “Grace," Fonda posted a picture from the set.



Grace and Frankie is a hilarious show which revolves around two women who used to absolutely dislike each other but they are soon hit with reality when their husbands reveal that they are gay and in love. Their husbands leave and the women have to live with each other. The show has received praises from critics and has proven to be an award player for Netflix, bagging several awards and nominations.

The fifth season of the show was made available on Netflix on January 18 and was received very well by the fans. The season followed the (Warning: Spoilers Ahead) struggles faced by Robert to adjust in the gay community. Grace comes in terms with her inner romantic and Frankie decides to do something for herself while Sol gets a dog. But soon, things mess up and take an incredible twist! Have you watched it yet?



The chemistry of Academy Award-winning actress Jane Fonda and Grammy recipient Lily Tomlin is remarkable and the two prestigious actresses charmingly keep the audience glued to their screens. The show, however, recently got some controversial attention when the star of the show Lily Tomlin revealed that she was getting paid the same amount as her ex-husband in the show.

The two actresses raised the issue of unequal pay and Lily said, "the show is not 'Sol and Robert', it's 'Grace and Frankie" which sparked major controversy. “I wasn’t so impressed with our paycheck when I found out Sam and Martin made the same amount. I thought they were like an adjunct. Then I found out they’re in almost every script," she told New York Times but when the interview received a lot of heat, the two actresses took their statements back.

Martha Kauffman, co-creator of the show, revealed that she is planning to run the show as long as Lily and Jane are willing to act in it. “Every season, it becomes more and more special, because you know you have fewer and fewer left.“ When asked if she'd do more seasons, she said, "I’d probably tell them, ‘Let’s do it as long as it’s still comfortable for Jane and Lily." Who's excited to watch Grace and Frankie's sixth season?

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