Halloweentown's Kimberly J Brown Owns An Etsy Shop And It Has Spooky Merch From The Movie

Halloweentown's Kimberly J Brown Owns An Etsy Shop And It Has Spooky Merch From The Movie

Kimberly J. Brown from the nostalgic movie Halloweentown has an Etsy Shop called Craftily Creative which features a number of Halloween-themed products!

It's been over two decades since Disney’s creepy yet adventurous movie Halloweentown first came out. And even to this day, for most of us, the holiday season seems incomplete without at least once indulging in its rerun with friends and family.

If even this doesn't satiate your nostalgic needs, then perhaps this news will surely do the trick. Actress Kimberly J. Brown from the movie Halloweentown has an Etsy shop called Craftily Creative which is sure to melt your Halloween-loving hearts! Speaking to Bustle about her Halloween-themed products, she revealed what inspired her to begin her very own spooky shop.



"I started the shop about 5 years ago with my good friend Liz because we loved crafting together on the weekends and thought we’d share some of our projects," said Brown over an email.

Explaining how well her fans reacted to this creative project, she continued, "It started with gift tags, greeting cards, and custom paintings with different quotes, etc. Slowly people started requesting different quotes from Halloweentown on painted signs so we started carrying them in the shop."

Apart from her own creations, there were several pieces that incorporated popular fan-favorite quotes from the movie like, "Being normal is vastly overrated."

Source: Craftily Creative

After receiving the positive feedback in other products, Brown decided to convert the quote onto a graphic tee. Through Etsy, Brown revealed that the line originally said by Debbie Reynolds' iconic character Grandma Aggie, is the one that fans often quote.

"From there, we’d listen to feedback from fans about what they’d like to see for new designs and incorporated some other fun ones," she added. Now, 35 items currently available to be bought on Craftily Creative and most of them feature nostalgic quotes and designs from Halloweentown!

Furthermore, Brown noted that some of her tees designs have become Etsy BestSellers, and have been denoted with a "Bestseller badge" due to its popularity among the site's buyers. 

Source: Craftily Creative

This year, her shop Craftily Creative has come up with another design- "Halloween is cool" graphic tee- that Brown believes would soon become another bestseller. "It was probably our number #1 suggested design over the past year," said Brown.

"People come up on the street and have me say it to them because they love it from the first Halloweentown film." The black t-shirt features this orange printed quote which is actually written by Brown herself! Following the success of Craftily Creative, Brown shared how Halloweentown fans have showered her with a whole lot of love.

"Now we get suggestions all the time and the sweetest notes from fans thanking us for making our stuff and telling us what the movies mean to them," said Brown. 

Source: Craftily Creative

"I have really loved getting to create with the fans over the years in our shared love for the movies. It’s also a way for me to kind of pay homage to the fans and these films that have meant so much to me and another avenue for me to keep creating when I’m not filming and working so we’ll keep creating as long as the fans will have us," she continued.

Apart from tees, she has Halloween-themed wall decors, canvas paintings, and so much more on the website. So, if you can't wait to get your hands on these tees which begins from $19.99, then make your way to her Etsy store now!



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