You Can Now Stay At The Haunted Magnolia Hotel For An Entire Night, If You Dare

You Can Now Stay At The Haunted Magnolia Hotel For An Entire Night, If You Dare

It took the owners six years to get the hotel up and running, but now that it's finally open, do you have the courage to go stay there for a night?

There are people who get a rush out of exploring places they believe to be haunted and one such place is a 169-year-old hotel, known as the Magnolia Hotel. Many believe this hotel is haunted and guess what?

It is soon opening their doors to people to stay overnight. Owners Jim and Erin Ghedi, who bought the Seguin hotel in 2013, have been working for years to restore the second floor of the south section to its former (haunted) glory, hoping to attract some thrill-seekers. They claim they faced a setback of six years due to an "explosion of paranormal activity," but the owners are now happy to open their doors to customers. 

Source: Haunted Magnolia Hotel (Helena, Faust's wife still standing by her man.)

According to the hotel's website, they will begin taking reservations from August 12. Those who decide to stay overnight will be accommodated with a fully restored suite with two bedrooms, a living room, a non-cooking kitchen, a full bath, and a walk-in shower. The prices are not mentioned on the website, but they do specify that they can accommodate only four guests at a time, from Monday to Thursday. 

Source: Haunted Magnolia Hotel (Mist coming out of murderer's room)

The Magnolia Hotel was once only a two-room log cabin built in 1840 by the Co-Founder of Seguin, Texas Ranger, James Campbell. After he was brutally ambushed by Comanche's, the cabin was sold to Joseph F. Johnson who quickly transformed the log cabin into Seguin's first and ONLY stagecoach station, then built a three-room building in the rear making it too the FIRST hotel in Seguin calling it the Magnolia Hotel. In 1846 it was sold to the very wealthy, Jeremiah S. Calvert. Calvert was the Chief Justice of Seguin and held numerous weddings in the original Magnolia Hotel including his own daughter's, Susan Calvert who married the FAMOUS Texas Ranger, Captain John "Jack" Coffee HAYS.       

Source: Haunted Magnolia Hotel (Faust (the murderer) looking out his window.)

During 1874 it was the home to one of Texas most hideous multiple killers, Wilheim Faust. In the middle of the night, Faust stole the Magnolia Hotel owner's horse, rode to New Braunfels and mistakenly murdered a 12-year-old girl, then attacked his wife. He then races back to the hotel and calmly fell asleep in his safe bed. Once captured and convicted, he decided to confess then admitted he had murdered twice before. William Faust was eventually shot through the courthouse window by an unknown assailant disgusted by his act of violence!  You never know who you're going to encounter during your stay there. 

Source: Haunted Magnolia Hotel (Odd Object coming out of mirror)

The Magnolia Hotel also claims that they have 13 identified spirits there. In 2012, the haunted hotel was listed on the "Most Endangered Places in Texas" list and has since been featured on numerous paranormal TV shows such as "Ghost Adventures," "Paranormal Caught on Camera" and "Ghost Brothers." The property is open for children as well, but they have to be accompanied by an adult. However, they claim the basement will not be open to the public. 

Source: Haunted Magnolia Hotel (The weeping woman still looking for her sweetheart.)

If you think this is all made up, think again. People who have stayed at the property have left reviews claiming they have encountered something. Melissa Brooks Cunningham wrote:
​Just left the Magnolia Hotel. Let me tell you. It was pretty active tonight. I honestly went in as a skeptic. In two hours that changed. I had one experience where one of the little girls ( not itzie) Emma I believe gave me with chills down my neck, shoulders and arms. Hair standing up. It was like being lightly touched with electric currents but In a calm peaceful way. Ticklish way. The ball did move and we all saw it. This is the real deal. Erin is an amazing sweet beautiful woman with the sweetest soul. My husband and I will for sure be back. One of the absolute best experiences ever!!!​​

Source: Haunted Magnolia Hotel (The young boy known as Little John in the mirror.)

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