Attention: Insidious 5 Is Reportedly In The Making And It Will Most Probably Be A Sequel!

Attention: Insidious 5 Is Reportedly In The Making And It Will Most Probably Be A Sequel!

Director and screenwriter Leigh Whannell and star of the movies Lin Shaye have both hinted on another 'Insidious' movie.

Rumors of another Insidious movie being in the making have been floating ever since Insidious: The Last Key was released, proving to be a huge hit. Now, joining in the discussion, 75-year-old Lin Shaye, the leading lady of the Insidious movies, has also revealed that she believes Insidious 5 is on the cards. Talking to Forbes, the American actress said, “I think there is another one, that they have a story for that and it is very different. The last one, for me to have realized the character’s past, present, and future of my character, was a gift. I don’t know if there’s a script being written, but I think there will be another Insidious movie.”



So, if there's one, will she be in it? Of course. “If I’m in it, which I believe I would be, I’d probably be in the Further as my character is now a ghost," Shaye added. Directed by James Wan, written by Leigh Whannell, the duo behind the iconic SAW movies and Dead Silence, the first Insidious movie was created with a budget of just $1.5 million but its success was massive! It earned about $97 million at the box office across the globe, kickstarting a whole franchise.



Insidious: Chapter 2 was released in 2013, following the first movie's success, Insidious 3 in 2015 and the latest Insidious: The Last Key in 2018. With a combined budget of $26.5 million for all four Insidious movies, the franchise has bagged over $539.4 million, making Insidious one of the most well-performing horror movie series ever. Why stop a good thing? They probably won't and we are pretty sure we'll hear about it officially soon.

Talking about whether there'd be a sequel to Insidious, director of the Last Key, Adam Robitel, said, “Well, I came in with Leigh. It really is his world and his franchise, and I know that he has ideas on where he would like to go and four [Insidious: The Last Key] brings things full circle. So moving forward, they can pick up storylines that wouldn’t mean the end of Insidious films. From my personal perspective, you always have to work harder with sequels, and it really needs a reason to exist and not just about the business. And chapter four really did well because it is a story that needs to be told.”

And, Leigh has already confirmed it. Leigh Whannell stated in an interview that a fifth Insidious movie is currently in works, following the huge success of the last insidious movie but he might not be a part of it. "I’m sure the second this film comes out I’m going to get a phone call from Jason Blum to say, ‘All right, Insidious 5. I’m not sure if I’m going to be involved in all honesty. I love the films and the franchise and it’s been a good experience, but the question is always do I have anything to offer. Maybe a fresh set of eyes is the best thing for this franchise if they’re going to continue it. So we’ll see.”



Judging by this, it is fair to assume that when the fifth movie comes, it will be a sequel and not another prequel. Enough with the history, let's see what the future holds. Will you be watching?

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