It's Official: '13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Is Coming This August And The First Trailer Is Out

It's Official: '13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Is Coming This August And The First Trailer Is Out

A major character death is the focus of the riveting new trailer for 13 Reasons Why and it surely takes the controversial Netflix series in the direction of a murder mystery.

When 13 Reasons Why released, it had caused a quite a stir on social media. Adapted from the book of the same name by Jay Asher, the Netflix series was the talk of the town, causing a massive storm over its portrayal of topics such as bullying and suicide. The first season focused on teenagers, especially Katherine Langford who starred as the troubled Hannah Baker. 

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And ever since fans noticed that there is a third season on its way, they can't contain their excitement. It’s been more than a year since 13 Reasons Why aired its second season and now we are all ready to witness what's in store for us this time as season 3 is almost upon us.

On Thursday, Netflix revealed that season 3 of '13 Reasons Why' will release on August 23 and that's not all. It also came with a new teaser trailer that reveals a major character death. Not so much as a spoiler but looks like the much-anticipated third season will focus on one lingering question -- Who killed Bryce Walker?



Did not expect that now, did we? Yes, Bryce is dead and the upcoming season will surely take the series in the direction of a murder mystery. “Eight months after preventing Tyler from committing an unthinkable act at Spring Fling, Clay, Tony, Jessica, Alex, Justin, and Zach find ways to shoulder the burden of the cover-up together while helping Tyler move toward recovery. But when the aftermath of a tumultuous Homecoming game culminates in the disappearance of a football player, and Clay finds himself under police scrutiny, it’s up to a shrewd outsider to steer the group through an investigation that threatens to lay bare everyone’s deepest secrets," reads the season 3 logline.

"The stakes are raised in this riveting third season of 13 Reasons Why, as the consequences of even the most well-intended actions can alter a life forever,” it concludes. 



The show will focus on Clay (Dylan Minnette), Tony (Christian Navarro), Jessica (Alisha Boe), Alex (Miles Heizer), Justin (Brandon Flynn), and Zach (Ross Butler) along with Tyler (Devin Druid) among other series regulars.

Netflix also confirmed that the TV series has been renewed for Season 4, however, it will be the show’s final season, reports Variety. Although there is no official confirmation as to when Season 4 will be releasing, it is already in production and of course, we will have an ending to see what fate awaits the core cast’s graduation from Liberty High.



The show had been mired in controversies with many studies linking it with increased suicide rates. A study published in the JAMA Psychiatry revealed that there was an estimated 13% increase in suicide rates among children and teens, aged between 10 to 19. And it occurred in three months after the first season of the show was aired. The study also revealed staggering numbers corresponding to 94 more suicides than what would be expected, reports CNN. 



According to the study author, Dr. Thomas Niederkrotenthaler, who is also the head of the Suicide Research & Mental Health Promotion Unit at the Medical University of Vienna, said that "no effects were seen in other age groups." Although many wanted the show to be canceled, "this had not been possible until the recent release of 2017 suicide data by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention," Niederkrotenthaler explained.

The season 3 of the much-talked-about series will debut on Aug. 23 and not surprisingly, will consist of 13 episodes. Will you be watching? Meanwhile, check out the new teaser trailer: 



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