Jamie Lee Curtis Shares First Look Teaser Of 'Halloween Kills' And Michael Myers Is Back

Jamie Lee Curtis Shares First Look Teaser Of 'Halloween Kills' And Michael Myers Is Back

Fans finally got the first glimpse of Halloween Kills that includes a shot of a bloody Jamie Lee Curtis on a hospital gurney and looks like Michael Myers is finally back!

First of all, Happy Halloween, everyone! Now if you have enjoyed your favorite holiday, there's some news that could make it even better. Yes, our favorite "Halloween" series is coming back next year and we finally have our first look footage from the movie, which is as spooky good as it can get. 

The bloody footage shared by our beloved Jamie Lee Curtis reveals Michael Myers is back and this time, it is going to be bigger and scarier. Jamie offered fans an early look at Halloween Kills as she tweeted the behind-the-scenes video from the much-anticipated movie. It is the followup to last year's reboot/sequel to John Carpenter's Halloween. 



“‘Tis the season….. to start screaming,” Curtis wrote on Instagram. “First look at the mayhem David has created for all of you. @halloweenmovie #halloweenkills #strodesstrong @universalpictures @miramax @blumhouse,” Jamie wrote. 



The footage gives the first look of the movie and may have just revealed some major plot points of Halloween Kills. Some of it includes behind the scenes shooting with director David Gordon Green, a couple of photos of Michael Myers and Judy Greer's Karen filming on the set.


We also see a bloody Jamie Lee Curtis on a hospital gurney, giving us a glimpse of what to expect when Halloween Kills hits the theaters. And even though she thought she had killed the masked villain last time, he has survived and he is back for yet another Michael Myers vs Laurie Strode saga.



"Halloween Kills" is releasing on Oct. 16, 2020, while the second film in production "Halloween Ends" will hit the big screen a year later on Oct. 15, 2021. The upcoming movie stars Curtis return as her iconic character Laurie Strode and the star cast also includes Judy Greer, Anthony Michael Hall, Kyle Richards, Nick Castle, and Andi Matichak.

And how can we forget John Carpenter who is also returning to score some terrifying music for the upcoming movie! Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends will both feature scores by Carpenter.



"I'm on board. Let's go," John told ComicBook when he was asked if he is returning. He also spoke about scoring music for the previous Halloween movie. "I loved it, It was a lot of fun. And I'll do the score, do a new score. That's always fun."

"Everybody, after Halloween was a big hit, everybody said, 'Oh, let's do it again'. So it was easy," he concluded. 

Are you excited for the movie? Let us know!

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